Video Gaming Helps Reduce Stress (And Offers Other Perks, Too!)

According to the Interactive Games & Entertainment Association (IGEA), an association of various computer and video game companies in Australia and New Zealand, almost 70% of Australians play video games.

If you are not a part of the statistics, you might want to consider jumping on the bandwagon, especially if you are experiencing stress or just bored and looking for a great way to entertain yourself. Video gaming, based on a scientific investigation, is not just a mindless way to kill time. Instead, it helps lower one’s stress levels and improves mental health, on top of many other perks.

The journey to a less stressful life and a more worthwhile existence begins by choosing the right gaming equipment. You can think of getting your hands on a pair of headset, keyboard, mouse, mouse pad, and other video gaming must-haves as arming yourself to win the war against various life issues.

Does More Good Than Harm

Many parents frown upon video gaming. They assume it is an activity that keeps their children from focusing on the most important things, such as their homework and school projects.

Times have changed, and playing video games is now being viewed by the scientific community as something that offers an assortment of benefits. For instance, it encourages critical thinking and problem-solving. Both these traits can come in handy not only while players are seated in front of the TV or PC, but also while they are partaking in everyday activities.

Contrary to popular belief, video gaming can help improve attention and concentration. In this fast-paced world, providing undivided attention and complete concentration can keep one from being lost in piles of tasks and decisions to carry out.

Experts agree that allowing kids to play video games helps improve their hand-eye coordination. It can help them perform an assortment of activities not only while they are young but also when they are already working adults. As an example, surgeons must possess exceptional hand-eye coordination. Otherwise, every time spent inside the operating room is likely to result in disaster!

Improves Social Skills

The World Health Organization (WHO) says that about 450 million people worldwide have mental disorders. The most common ones are anxiety disorders, such as social anxiety, which can cause one to have trouble interacting with other people.

Would you believe that something fun and exciting as video gaming can be an effective tool in combating social anxiety?

Such is especially true for MMORPGs. Short for massively multiplayer online role-playing games, MMORPGs are video games where many participants are playing at the same time. It fosters mingling with people, which is a massive problem for people with social anxiety.

Especially with the right gaming equipment, the role-playing aspect of MMORPGs can help encourage creativity and imagination. It is also perfect for boosting one’s self-confidence and sense of worth, as it provides a safe environment to encounter all kinds of scenarios, many of which can happen in real life for the first time.

Before You Go and Have Fun

Playing video games, according to experts, comes with many benefits. However, as always, moderation is key.

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