Want an Affordable Vehicle? Buy Used, the Smart Way

There are many places you can live where owning a vehicle is essential. From things like picking up groceries, going to work, sometimes you need a car.

While everyone is spending more time in their home now than ever, driving in a private vehicle is among the safest forms of transportation during COVID-19. When shopping for their next car, everyone has their own budget and a checklist of things they’re looking for.

The best time-tested trick to get everything you want in a car is to buy it used from the right type of dealership. To get all the secrets to buying an affordable car you’ll love to drive for years, please continue reading.

Buy a Certified Used Vehicle

It’s known that used cars cost less than buying the same one brand new. However, you’re not getting good value if the vehicle is only discounted because it’s in bad condition. You’ll be stuck wasting time and money in the body shop if you don’t follow these steps. 

You’ll know you’re getting high-quality used Ford trucks or cars if you buy from a certified pre-owned program where every car has undergone a thorough 170-point inspection. They should also come with a CARFAX report so you can see the accident history of every vehicle (hopefully, there is none!).

Buying from the Certified Pre-Owned program also gives you other crucial assurances. You’ll drive away feeling better knowing there’s a12-month/20,000-kilometre Comprehensive Limited Warranty.

This includes crucial parts of the car:

  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Real-wheel drive
  • Front-wheel drive
  • Brakes
  • Safety systems
  • And more

You’ll also feel better knowing that you’ve got support anytime and anywhere you drive, with 24/7 emergency roadside assistance. Like any machine, wear and tear occur that isn’t the fault of the driver or the manufacturer — still, Ford will have your back.

Count on them if you need towing, jump starts for dead batteries, flat-tire changes on-site, and more.

Family-Owned Dealerships Are Best

When buying a used car, it’s crucial to have a pressure-free experience guided by knowledgeable sales associates. Family-owned dealerships are known for offering stress-free support, especially ones that have operated for decades.

Enormous Selection on the Lot

To get real value on a used car, you need to find a great deal on exactly the right model. The odds of this happening increase when there are more vehicles from which to choose. 

You can still find a sedan or SUV with very modern safety and infotainment technology by buying a used car from a recent year. You’ll get a much lower price for the car while enjoying the same amenities. Look for a dealership with a loaded parking lot full of used vehicles to get the model, trim, and colour you want.

Buying a vehicle is a big-ticket purchase, but the hit to your wallet doesn’t need to be so bad. You can find an exciting car you’ll love driving for years if you buy it from a Certified Pre-Owned program offered by a family-owned car dealership.

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