Watch Shopping Guide For This Holiday Season

The holiday season is coming. For sure, all of us are busy looking for the perfect gift to give others. Even if you are thinking of something for yourself. 

Typically, we prefer something affordable and useful. A wristwatch is an ideal gift for anyone. Different designs vary for every personality. It is very functional since time comes in the form of a wristwatch. Most importantly, each timepiece is reasonably priced. 

However, selecting the perfect watch may seem a little daunting. Fear not. Watch shopping is not scary. You don’t have to do it alone. 

7 Expert Tips When Picking ThePerfect Wristwatch

We list down ideas of how to choose a watch less terrifying. Be empowered with the seven expert tips when picking the perfect wristwatch. 

Choose A Watch Type

When picking out a watch, understand that there are different types of watches. Some are suitable for sports, work, formal events, and casual outfits. Also, think about the watch functionality. Watch wearers choose a timepiece according to its purpose. 

Divers watch – most recognizable tool or sports watch. It is best for individuals who love water activities. The water-resistant feature is perfect for scuba divers. 

Best-selling dive watches are Rolex Submariner, Omega Seamaster, Seiko Diver’s Watch, Citizen Promaster, and Steinhart Ocean One. 

Dress watches look over practicality – thin, sleek, and light design. It is an open statement of wealth and status. Appropriate for evening wear and more formal occasions. 

Top choice dress watches are Cartier Tank, Orient Bambino, Seiko Kinetic, Tsovet SVT-SC38, and Montblanc Star Date Automatic. 

Field watchsoldiers’ best timepiece while on duty. It is simple, durable, and water-resistant. Even you can wear it since it looks versatile. 

The most common field watches are Timex Weekender, Lum-Tec Combat B19 Bronze, Filson Mackinaw Field, and Shinola Runwell

Fashion watchWatch wearers use it as an accessory. It is economical and comes in various designs. Some bought more than one piece to fit for any outfit and occasion. 

Examples of fashion watches are Swatch Poppy Field GW705, Fossil Commuter, Peugeot Women’s 677G, and Emporio Armani Amber Dial Men’s Watch AR1605. 

Smartwatch is essentially wrist-worn and touchscreen. It works well when linked to a smartphone. Also, it has GPS, accelerometers, and heart rate sensors. 

The top-tier smartwatches are Apple Watch Series 3, LG Watch Sport, Samsung Gear Sport, and Huawei Watch 2.

Let this be your guide during watch shopping. Choose a timepiece according to the recipient’s taste. 

Recognize Watch Movement And Materials

Identifying the watch movement and materials is essential when buying a timepiece. It influences the style and the price as well. 

Quartz watches require a battery. It is generally less expensive. 

Mechanical watches have self-winding functions. The watch hands move smoothly, leaving the tick-tock sound behind. 

Automatic watches utilize the kinetic energy of the watch wearer. Ditch the hassle watch winding process. 

Also, take note of the watch material. Stainless steel watches are often more affordable. You might pay more for lighter-weight titanium or carbon fiber.

Always do a little research before you step into a watch shop. 

Understand Watch Complications

A basic wrist watch tells time. Meanwhile, other timepieces have so-called complications. These are like the extra features of a watch.

A sports enthusiast prefers a watch with a chronograph. It is useful for events like swimming laps or running a sprint. 

A business executive looks for a watch with calendars, dual time zones, or world timer indications. It is also handy for a world traveler. 

A fashionista watch wearer prefers colorful dial or unusual case shapes. 

When picking a wristwatch, assess if the recipient needs a complication or not. 

Size Of The Watch

Consider choosing a watch that is well proportioned to the wrist and hand. If a watch is too big, it will stand out and look garish. A too-small watch looks like a lady’s timepiece. 

A wrist circumference with 6-7 inches fits well with a watch case diameter of 38-42mm wide. If larger than 7 inches, get a watch case with 44-46mm wide. 

Wristwatches are statement pieces. Ask the opinions of friends and family. 

Weight and Accuracy

You might not know it, but the weight of the watch is paramount. A medium to an expensive wristwatch must be heavy for its size. It applies to any timepiece – from dive watch to lady’s watch. 

Accuracy is another factor. Each type of watch movement is accurate for a reason. Quartz is precise for celestial navigation. A mechanical watch has accuracy within seconds per day, month, or year. 

Consider The Branding And Watch Modification

The popularity of a watch comes from its brand. Sometimes, you pay the label rather than the quality. But, that’s not always the case. 

Luxury brand names are well known for a sturdy cache. They have reputations for craftsmanship and legendary quality. Despite that, there are still affordable branded watches in the market. 

Always remember: you do not have to buy a specific watch brand. However, there’s nothing wrong with being aware of the better brands. 

If you are into styles and personalizing, you can modify your branded watch. Watch modification or watch modding  is a way to change your watch design. The better the brand such as Seiko, the more high quality parts can be available in the market.

Check The Price

Gift-giving should not put a hole in your pocket. So when you shop for a watch, decide on a budget. Choose a comfortable price range. Ask yourself if you are willing to pay to fulfill the Christmas gift list. 

Watch prices can be as low as $20 to over $25,000. It depends on where you buy it – a department store or a designer shop. 

The price depends on the style, material, brand, and movement. Quartz watches are comparably cheaper than automatic watches. 

Here is the best advice for wristwatch shopping. Pick a watch that fits your budget and seems worth the price. 

A watch purchase is quite personal. Wrapping it for your loved one is sentimental. It becomes a prized possession.

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Choose wisely. Know what you want. Pick a timepiece that expresses what the person meant to you. Buy what you can afford. Most importantly, research first to pick the perfect wristwatch. Watch shopping might take time. But it is worth it. You are doing it to buy time for your love anyway.

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