What Are Bondic and Things You Can Do With Bondic?


Bondic is basically an adhesive used to fix certain materials that include wood and metal. Once you are done creating a bond, you then have to apply the adhesive and use the UV light directed at the liquid. This UV light helps the adhesive dry instantly. Then you can sand the surface for removing any extra. In this Bondic review, we will show you how you can use the adhesive and things that you can be using it on. We will also be covering the main reasons for buying this bottle. 

Things You Can Do With Bondic?

With Bondic, removing a rusted or tight screw is no longer an issue. You just have to apply a small amount of the adhesive and then let it dry for filling in the area around. Once it is all dried, you can then remove the screw with ease. This adhesive is pretty suitable for repairing broken and damaged electronics as well as creating new threads. Some of the uses for Bondic are as follows:

  • Reducing the strain on an item
  • Replacing a damaged piece of plastic
  • Forming a connection between two materials or objects
  • Creating bonds in spaces/areas where you can’t use traditional glue
  • Adding insulation to wires
  • Repairing minor leaks

Bondic can work well as a repair agent. Consider a situation where your child has a toy that he or she loves but is broke. You just have to use a small dab of the adhesive and then apply the UV light to repair that toy in a matter of just a few minutes. It works on metal and almost on all types of plastic, wood, and electronics. Bondic can work well on plumbing pipes and low-voltage pipes too.

How Do You Use Bondic?

Sand: Before you apply the adhesive, you should be using sandpaper that can be rubbed across the surface of every object/material. Once you have finished sanding the surfaces, you can blow or wipe off any shavings. But if you want to use Bondic to create a temporary bond, you can skip this step.

Applying the adhesive: The adhesive comes in a small bottle, and this way, you can easily apply the perfect amount of Bondic to all your items. You will want to use a really small amount on the item and only on those spots where UV light can hit. If you need to glue two objects together, only apply the adhesive to one of those items.

Pointing light: You need to hold the light in one hand and then carefully aim the UV beam towards where the adhesive is. The manufacturer recommends holding the position for about four seconds. You may need to move the light around, especially if you applied a large amount of the adhesive.

Repeat: For a secure and durable bond, you may want to repeat these steps. Using several thin layers of the adhesive is more effective than applying one thick layer. You should apply the adhesive and let it cure/dry in between each layer.

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