What Does Size Inclusivity Mean When It Comes to Furniture?

Though most people tie up the word “discrimination” to skin color, there are other forms of it that some tend to overlook. If you are plus-sized, finding clothes that fit you can often be challenging. 

Thus, fashion brands are starting to embrace the idea of size inclusivity. This means companies are expanding their offerings to cater to clients of different sizes, including the very small and heavy ones. 

But the concept of size inclusivity doesn’t only apply to clothes. Instead, it should also cover the realm of furniture. Let’s face it, not all chairs can fit plus-sized people. 

Not all beds can comfortably accommodate the heavy users. But how exactly should you consider furniture size inclusivity? What are the key points to consider when buying furniture?

Continue reading below as we break down furniture size inclusivity.

Size Inclusivity: What’s It About?

What does size inclusivity mean? Size inclusivity on the part of consumers is the freedom to shop for items. This freedom means not having to go through any prejudice or discrimination.

When you apply that to furniture, it means finding the chairs, mattresses, and other items that you want regardless of your size. It’s about being able to find furniture for different body types.

It means not feeling shame about your body size when buying furniture. And this applies whether you’re buying online or in a furniture shop. 

Unfortunately, body size discrimination remains rampant in certain areas in the United States. People still receive unfair treatment in the workplace because of the size and shape of their bodies. 

And this goes through and through to their buying preferences.

Thankfully, certain states like Massachusetts are starting to change things for the better. People are pushing for legislation against body size discrimination. Though this initially covers the employment, education, and health care aspects, it is still a win in the grand scheme of things.  

And for buying furniture, you should never experience discrimination because of body size. Thus, the need to push for size inclusivity in furniture is a must.

Additionally, it helps to check reputable online guides when searching for the best mattress for heavy people.

Focus on Purpose

There are many aspects to look into when it comes to furniture size inclusivity. On the side of the manufacturers, focus on the purpose should be paramount. 

For example, mattress manufacturers should offer sleep products that come with extra features that specifically benefit plus-sized customers. Beds for different body types include foundations and heavy-duty frames. 

Today, you will find stores offering queen and king-sized beds with seven and nine legs. These bed frames also feature resin-encased steel. This assembly is capable of supporting up to 2,000 lbs of weight.

Chairs are also a common battleground for large people. A simple visit to a popular fast-food chain and you will see the standard chairs that hardly fit XXXL people. 

This is an excellent pain point that companies can improve on. They can create more chairs that offer enough room for plus-sized people to sit and more comfortably. Thus, if it is a chair for dining, the latter should provide a comfortable seat while you’re enjoying your food.

Empathy is Key

Coming up with furniture that comes with special features and add-ons for plus-sized clients is good. However, manufacturers and sellers should just market them any way they want. Since these products cater to a particular demographic, it is crucial to consider sensitivity when marketing such products.

The key is to encourage the customer to look into the product without offending them in any way. 

For starters, the salesperson can use “we” when talking to plus-sized customers. This sets a friendly and nonthreatening tone that will make the customers feel more at ease.

And to introduce the benefits of the products, the salesperson should showcase more empathy. They should ask the customers about their experience with their current bed or chair at home. From there, they can draw comparisons and highlight the reasons why they should consider replacing their current furniture with a new one.

The key is to find out the customers’ struggles with their furniture. From there, empathize with them and point them to the benefits of the products.

Highlight Health

Speaking of benefits, both sellers and customers should focus on the health benefits of the furniture. Even if you’re already a seasoned salesman, touching on the health of your customers can still get tricky. Some people are receptive when it comes to their health.

Others shun any discussions about them. If you’re selling bed frames, you cannot tell your plus-sized customers to lose weight. Instead, you should create an environment where they will open up about their health.

Thereafter, you can slowly shift the spotlight on the health benefits of your size-inclusive products.

Also, include the other family members in the discussion. If you’re selling chairs, you can tell your customers who have kids at home to buy child-sized furniture. 

Studies reveal that child-sized furniture for your kids will help foster their independence. This will increase their thirst to learn more about their surroundings.

Since the chairs, tables, and cabinets fit their body size, they can use them as part of their playtime. Moreover, they can develop their cleaning habits, as these types of furniture are easier to clean and manage for their age.

Consider Customization

Customizing furniture to meet your size requirements is something you should embrace. It is a sad fact that not all furniture stores offer size-inclusive items. 

This either pushes customers to go to another store. Sometimes, they settle for something that doesn’t match their requirements.

Through customization, you can get your furniture right. 

Learn More About Furniture and Other Home Items

Understanding furniture size inclusivity is important for both consumers and manufacturers. It helps consumers experience comfort while manufacturers get to expand their market reach. But getting the right size of your furniture is only one aspect to cover.

We invite you to expand your knowledge of furniture and other essential home items. Check out our other articles for more helpful tips and buying guides.

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