What Inspired The Shape Of Sports Trophies?

Have you ever thought about what inspired the shape of sports trophies? Why do they come in a cup or plate shape? What made it look like this? Here, we are going to emphasize it in an ideal manner. 

Why Sports Trophies Are Given  

Your face will automatically bright up with happiness if you win a trophy or award in your field. The fact cannot be ignored that it holds a sort of magic. It makes you get filled with a lot of positivity and happiness indeed. 

There was a time when Sports Trophies and awards used to be stagnant in the sports field only. But now the time has changed since we are finding trophies/awards equally important in the corporate world. They are also given to the best employee to perform the best. Trophies and awards do perfectly depict the success as well as the achievement of a person indeed. and that is why the receiver does feel proud while receiving it. Talking about the most common use of custom trophies, it can easily be seen in sports events where they are given to the person winning a game since he won the sport. We all know how sports have always been the best in our lives. It takes our stress away. Whether it is the people who are watching it or the players, both find a sort of special connection with their favorite sport. They are emotionally connected with it and that is why getting awards or trophies upon winning it is so special. 

Design and Style Of Trophies  

The design and style of trophies have always been attention fetching. Here, it needs to be mentioned that the design and style of trophies keep evolving since those days. The most important thing about sports trophies is that it goes with the shape of the trophies and awards. 

There is a short story behind the design and shape of trophies. I talk about ancient times, when people used to go with cups or chalices to drink wine or water while having special events. They were considered special to serve wine or water respecting the guests. If an individual won a sporting event at that time then a chalice was given to the winner so that he/she could celebrate his win. Later on, it was translated into the design of Sports Trophies in the 17th century made in the form of two-handled ox-eye cups. 

Gradually, the design became quite important in making any trophy cup for a sports event. Ever since then, the cup shape became a trendsetter in the form of custom trophies. It is a sort of tradition, which is being followed even today. Here, it needs to be mentioned that a few sports trophies in ancient Greece and Rome also added shields to pay respect and victory to the winner. And you might have seen those awards along with shields too which look quite fascinating. 

Though, most of the contestants were given olive oil in the form of a reward instead of silver or gold in those days. The best thing is that it is indeed quite practical to go with a trophy cup instead of a shield to an award to the winning contestant. Though there are some areas where trophy shields are used in the form of achievement in sports events. And this is how the design of awards came from the ancient time. 

Contemporary Time and Awards

We are living in a new age time where awards do still hold important value. Modern times is all about major sports events called the Stanley Cup and the World Cup going with the cup-shaped design when it comes to making trophies for the winning team. Cups are called a sign of high excellence in any area today. Though the fact cannot be ignored the designs of World Cup Trophies for some sports events have truly changed. The original shape of trophies does indeed hold needed value in almost all sorts of fields. 

The fact cannot be ignored that there is an indirect connection to the cup shape of trophies indeed. Let’s get back to the 1700s, it was a time when Methodist churches used to organize “love feast” community gatherings featuring a simple meal along with some bread and water. A “loving cup” with two handles was used during the gathering. The reason for using it was that it could easily be passed on from one person to the other.  Some say that this idea was adopted to design the trophies so that it could represent the passing on of the title from one victorious team to the other. 

In The Last

If you want to motivate your employees, you must organize these types of award functions to boost up their confidence. You may conduct sports events too to raise awareness regarding health, exercise, goals, etc.

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