What Is Period Underwear?

There are several sorts of period goods accessible now. And while looking for the right one for you, you may have browsed past period underwear. Anyone who has periods can use this underwear to keep themselves comfortable during their period. Multiple layers of microfibre polyester make up this absorbent underwear. They resemble ordinary underwear but are specifically engineered to wick moisture away from the skin while absorbing menstrual blood. Menstrual underwear is constructed of a moisture-wicking fabric composed of hundreds of tiny filaments. These fibres absorb moisture, preventing blood from dripping onto your clothing. Moreover, the upper layer is typically made of Lycra and nylon and is then sealed with a liquid-repellent coating.

Who Should Wear Menstrual Underwear?

Menstrual underwear is suitable for everyone who undergoes menstruation. However, you must understand what to anticipate if you’re not accustomed to free bleeding, which is a term that refers to menstruation without the use of pads or other typical period products. Menstrual underwear does not prevent the flow of menstrual blood. Using it, you will experience menstrual flow, which may be upsetting at first for some individuals.

Additionally, some women use menstrual underwear in conjunction with other items, such as pads or tampons, to provide an additional layer of protection. However, you can wear menstrual underwear on its own. Moreover, certain manufacturers provide a range of absorbency levels, allowing you to pick the pair that fits best for your needs on any given day. The majority of menstrual underwear is extremely absorbent. However, if your periods are heavy, it’s a good idea to check periodically to determine whether you need to adjust them.

How to Wear Menstrual Underwear

When your cycle begins, you’ll wear menstrual underwear to collect the blood. You’ll put them on the same way you would any other pair of underpants. Also, it is critical to replace and clean them every twelve hours or as required. Numerous brands have an antibacterial coating to eliminate odours. However, swapping them out often can help keep you fresh. Besides, the washing directions will vary according to the brand. So, before cleaning your pair, carefully read the directions.

How Many Sets of Menstrual Underwear Do You Require?

If you’re trying them out for the first time, you’re likely to desire multiple pairs to substitute your usual period products on lighter days. And if you commit, you’ll likely require a complete five- to seven-day set, depending on the duration of your flow, to avoid washing every other day. Additionally, consider a pair or two of sleep-related items; if you like to sleep well, choose a style that fits somewhat more snugly (stretchy materials are best) and provides more cover for side and back leak prevention.

How to Properly Care for Menstrual Underwear

Step 1: Soak 

After removing your menstrual underwear, soak or rinse them in cold water.

Step 2: Rinse

Place them first in a machine-washable bag and launder on the gentle or mild cycle if washing by machine. Meanwhile, consider hand-washing your underwear with a mild detergent to extend the life of your garments.

Step 3: Dry

Avoid putting in the dryer. Instead of that, lay the undies flat or hang them to dry to preserve the fabric’s integrity.

Step 4: Treat

Are you concerned about lingering odours or stains? Menstrual underwear is meant to be stain-resistant and shouldn’t retain odour if properly cared for, but you can also soak them in a vinegar/water solution before laundry.

Unlike disposable menstrual products, period underwear may be used several times. Menstrual underwear can be used over a period of six months to two years if washed according to the directions. And there is nothing called the “right” era product. So your choice should depend on your well-being and comfort.

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