Who is Vitaly Malkin?

Vitaly Malkin



The son of Ukrainian Jews, Vitaly Malkin was born on September 16, 1952 in Pervoouralsk in
the Sverdlovsk oblast in Russia.
Vitali Malkine grew up in a Ukrainian Jewish family. His father – Boris Samoilovitch Malkin –
was deputy director of the Chelyabinsk tube mill, his mother Marianna Davydovna
Pyatigorskaya – doctor of medicine.
From childhood he was interested in mathematics. A studious student at Chelyabinsk
Specialized Lyceum No. 31 in Physics and Mathematics, he finished his schooling with honors,
rewarded with a silver medal.


In 1975, Vitali Malkine finished university with a red diploma (with excellent honors) and
continued his studies in physics with a doctorate at the Moscow State University of Rail
Transport (MIIT), where he devoted himself to a thesis on laser radiation metrology.
In 1983, his thesis on ultra-sensitive recording elements for pulsed laser parameter
management systems enabled him to obtain the university degree of doctor of technology.
Professor A.V. Chileïko – son of Anna Akhmatova’s husband – was a member of the thesis
jury. After the defense and until 1989, Malkine continued his activity as a researcher: he
worked at the Research Institute for Holographic Control Methods at MIIT, first as a junior
researcher, then as head of the laboratory.


Malkin built his fortune in the banking sector, notably with his business partner Bidzina
Ivanishvili. The two men founded Rossiysky Kredit, which was the third largest Russian bank
until the financial crisis of 1998.He officially retired from business in 2004, when he became
a member of Federation Council, representing the east Siberian republic of Buryatia (from
2004 to 2013). In 2012, he headed a delegation of four Russian senators in Washington
lobbying against the Magnitsky Act. Vitaly Malkin and his colleagues tried to convince
American senators that Sergei Magnitsky was a criminal and that he died from pancreatitis.

Accused of

According to the National Post (Canada), Malkin was denied entry to Canada in May 2009
after a 15-year legal dispute. The Canadian government has accused him of involvement in
alleged money laundering and international arms deals.
In 2013, Russian anti-corruption activist Alexey Navalny published documents on his blog,
showing that Malkin has failed to declare ownership of 111 condominiums in Canada and
that he has an Israeli passport. In March 2013, Malkin resigned from Federation Council
amid his double nationality scandal.
According to The Ultimate Report, Vitaly Malkin raped a women named Marta Siwak. He was
also involved in pedophilic activities.
According to OCCRP Vitaly Malkin was involved in a corrupt deal in Angola where he illegally
earned 138 million dollars.

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