Why All You Can Eat Sushi Is the Best Way to Try Sushi

Why All You Can Eat Sushi Is the Best Way to Try Sushi

Sushi is a type of Japanese cuisine that has made its way into the hearts of foodies all over the world not to mention the food lovers of Santa Clarita. But if you’ve never been to a Sushi restaurant before, it can be intimidating to try and decide what you should try the next time you want to try Sushi Santa Clarita residents love!

A great way to introduce yourself to Sushi is to visit an All You Can Eat restaurant. It’s an incredible way to try different types of Sushi that you might have skipped over on the menu. Even if there are certain dishes you aren’t ready to try yet, you can familiarize yourself with more of the cuisine (while piling up on the rolls you love!).

The Five Different Types of Sushi

Wondering what kind of Sushi, you might see at an All You Can Eat place? There are five types of Sushi: nigiri, sashimi, maki, uramaki, and temaki.

Maki and Uramaki

Maki and uramaki are the two types of Sushi Santa Clarita restaurant-goers are probably used to seeing the most when ordering. These are the Sushi rolls. Ingredients like fresh seafood and vegetables are wrapped neatly in special Sushi rice and seaweed or other types of thin, flavorful layers (like tofu skin). If the outermost layer is seaweed, it is a maki roll. If the outermost layer is rice, it is a uramaki roll. These rolls can have only one ingredient (like a cucumber maki roll) or as many as four or five if it’s a special roll that the restaurant has designed.


Nigiri is another type of common Sushi. This is when a piece of seafood (not necessarily raw fish) is placed on top of a small rectangle of Sushi rice. This type of Sushi is perfect for people who want to savor the particular tastes of the topping.


Sashimi is also a common menu item when ordering Sushi in Santa Clarita. This dish involves fish or shellfish served raw with no rice. Sashimi is a great choice for diners who are after the full flavor profile of the seafood without any other flavors distracting them.


The last type of Sushi you might see at a restaurant is a temaki roll, also known as a hand roll. This is when the Sushi ingredients are composed in a cone of rolled-up seaweed that you can hold in your hand and eat bite-by-bite. These are not as easily shared as the other four types of Sushi, but they are still a delicious way to taste your favorite Sushi flavors.

Sushi is served with pickled ginger, soy sauce, and wasabi on the side. While some argue that you should only eat certain types of Sushi with each of these condiments, feel free to try them on your own and see for yourself. At an All You Can Eat sushi restaurant, it’s possible you’ll see all five types of Sushi available for your tasting pleasure!

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