Donald Trump fires National Security Advisor John Bolton

Donald Trump announces the resignation of John Bolton, his national security advisor. The two men were on opposite poles on the Iranian issue and Taliban negotiations in Afghanistan, reports several media.

In a series of tweets published around noon on Tuesday, the US president said he had “asked for and obtained” the resignation of Mr. Bolton, a former adviser under President George W. Bush and United States Ambassador to the United Nations.

I largely disagreed with many of his suggestions, as was the case with other members of the administration.

Donald Trump, President of the United States

According to Mr. Bolton, however, the events did not unfold as reported by the White House tenant.

“I proposed to resign last night, and President Trump said, ‘Let’s talk about it tomorrow,'” he himself wrote on Twitter shortly after the two president’s posts were published.

In a text message later sent to several journalists, Bolton said that “he offered his resignation [without the president asking]. I slept on it and I resigned on Tuesday morning.”

Less than 24 hours ago, the president was attacking a Washington Post article reporting that “confusion was rife” in the White House.

“That’s not the case,” Trump wrote.

The Post’s article focused on abortive peace negotiations with Taliban representatives , who were abandoned by Donald Trump following an attack by the extremist group that killed an American soldier.

The Washington Post has argued that Bolton and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo were both opposed to Taliban leaders coming to Camp David, the presidential retreat, to conclude a peace deal. The meeting, which the president wanted for a while, would have taken place just days before the commemoration of the September 11, 2001 attacks by al-Qaeda, close to the Taliban.

John Bolton was the third national security adviser to the president.

His departure comes as the president continues his rapprochement with two of the main enemies of the United States, steps that have shaken some of the highest members of the Trump administration, reports the New York Times .

These two enemies, Iran and North Korea, were considered by Mr. Bolton to be untrustworthy.

Tensions at the top

The tensions between MM. Bolton and Trump would have been aggravated in recent months by the president’s decision to cancel planned strikes against Iran in the wake of the destruction of an American drone, and by Trump’s meeting with the northern dictator -Korean Kim Jong-un in the demilitarized zone between the two Koreas, the Times writes again .

In the afternoon, Tuesday, Iran took credit for the departure of Mr. Bolton. An adviser to Iranian President Hassan Rohani argued that his dismissal stemmed from Tehran’s resistance to pressure from the White House.

In a tweet, the adviser in question claimed that the dismissal was a sign of the failure of the US campaign and evidence that Iran was able to “manage” US policies affecting the Islamic Republic.

For his part, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo acknowledged that he had had differences with his colleague in various foreign affairs cases, but did not elaborate.

Trump’s North Korea envoy, Stephen Biegun, is mentioned as a possible successor to Bolton. The president must announce the identity of his new adviser next week.

[Stephen] Biegun understands much better, like [Mike] Pompeo, that the president is the president; that it is he who makes the decisions.

A source close to the White House

Bush-son Hawk, John Bolton was quick after his appointment with the Trump administration to adopt an aggressive tone against the US “adversaries”, be it the Iran, Syria or the International Criminal Court.

On the Iranian issue, and more specifically in the wake of oil transport incidents in the Strait of Hormuz, Mr. Bolton had demanded that Tehran abandon all of its nuclear activities, but also its ballistic program, “his support for global terrorism and other malicious behavior around the world, “for Washington to agree to sit at the negotiating table.

Mr. Bolton is also involved, through a political action committee, in the Cambridge Analytica scandal, in which personal information from millions of Facebook users was siphoned off for election purposes.

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