10 Fun Things to Do in Atlanta During COVID

Looking to visit Atlanta?

Atlanta, home to over 500,000 residents, is the cultural and administrative hub of Georgia. Many may refer to it as the unofficial capital of the South. You may know Atlanta as a common shooting location for TV shows and movies.

However, the pandemic led to the close of many states, including Atlanta. As the new year comes to greet us, Atlanta began reopening its doors. With new restrictions and implementations of health policies, you can now explore Atlanta.

Are you looking to take a trip to Atlanta? This article covers ten fun things to do amidst the pandemic. Read on to discover how to make the most of your trip to the unofficial capital of the South!

1. Check Out the Neighborhood

Atlanta is home to some of the best neighborhoods in the US. If you find yourself in Atlanta, consider visiting Summerhill! This redevelopment of the former Olympic stadium covers over 80 acres.

You may find this site near downtown Atlanta. If you enjoy walks or bikes, you can get here from midtown, downtown, and even straight from the Atlanta airport.

Looking to enjoy a scenic view? Check out the roof at Skyline Park to find the best views of Atlanta.

2. Study the Local History

If you’re into local history, visit the Atlanta History Center. You can find this research center and history museum in the Buckhead district. Here, you’ll find 33 acres with one of the largest history museums in the Southeast.

If you’re looking to take a stroll, you might enjoy the wildlife trails, woodland areas, and gardens. Depending on your time of visit, you may even catch one of the museum’s history programs. Throughout the year, AHC offers school tours, summer camps, and lectures.

3. Commune With Nature

When you’re in Atlanta, visit some of Atlanta’s outdoor attractions. You can take a walk or rent out a bike to ride down the Silver Comet Trail. If you have a child who loves to skate, take them to the Historic Fourth Ward Skatepark.

If you love water, you can visit the Chattahoochee Nature Center and go canoe with friends. You can also visit Wills Park to play baseball or spend the day with horses.

Are you looking for something educational for your child? You can sign up for some Touch the Earth programs through GSU.

4. Shop at the Local Market

Many travel enthusiasts would tell you to visit the local market at any new destination. Going to the local market instead of eating at fancy Atlanta hotels can be better for your budget. It also gives you the chance to meet some of the locals.

In Sweet Auburn, you’ll find the Municipal Market. This open-air market is home to thirty local businesses. You can find a full-service bakery and some of the best local produce and butchers.

You can even enjoy some of the local cuisines in the popular eateries located in this area. If you’re planning on staying a while, check out their cooking school.

5. Unique Attractions

If you’re looking for other ways to enjoy Atlanta’s views, go to Skyview Atlanta Ferris Wheel. This Ferris Wheel towers at almost 20 stories about the Centennial Park. You can enjoy the views of downtown Atlanta from one of its private gondolas.

If you’re a Coca Cola fan, don’t forget to visit the World of Coca Cola. You can learn everything there is to know about this iconic brand. You may even get the chance to sample some beverages from all over the globe.

6. World’s Largest Drive-in

If you’re looking for an activity that’s not too daring, there are many things to try. You can check out The Varsity, which is the world’s largest drive-in. This is a great way to enjoy a date while you’re in Atlanta for a short visit.

This restaurant accommodates over 800 diners and covers two city blocks. If you’re looking to enjoy a food trip, this is the best place to be.

For many, visiting the Varsity is a family tradition. You can’t complete a family vacation without enjoying some hotdogs and rings.

7. Visit the Georgia Aquarium

When you find yourself in Atlanta, don’t forget to visit the Georgia Aquarium. It’s the largest aquarium in the west and is the only one that houses whale sharks outside of Asia. The average visitor spends at least three hours exploring the aquarium.

This means that you can spend the entire day hanging out with fishes, seals, and whale sharks. If you want to make the most out of your visit, ensure that you’re there early. Once inside, you can check out its six exhibits, ranging from tunnels to interactive shows.

8. Visit the State Farm Arena

If you’re a sports fan, the States Farm Arena is a must-visit destination. Hawks fans can come and watch their favorite players. At State Farm Arena, you’re not limited to sports either?

The stadium also caters to many live singers and performers. You can check out the latest events at State Farm Arena here.

9. Rent a Private Movie Theater

Drive-ins experienced newfound popularity in 2020. However, as winter approaches, Atlanta visitors may be looking for a warmer way to enjoy films. In Landmark’s Midtown Art Cinema, you may even rent out a movie theater for yourself.

You can rent out a room for yourself for almost any reason. You can either get a private screening of the latest movies or enjoy video games on the big screen.

10. Foster a Homeless Pet

Looking to spend the holidays with someone? Try fostering a homeless dog or cat by contacting Best Friends Atlanta. This is a great way to enjoy yourself if you prefer to stay indoors.

10 Things You Need to Do in Atlanta

Dropping by Atlanta, Georgia for a visit? Here are ten fun things you need to try while you’re in Atlanta. Don’t forget to wear your mask and wash your hands while you’re there!

Thanks for reading our article! Looking for more travel tips? Check out our other guides to find more fun activities to try while you’re traveling the country!

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