10 Things That Happened in Season 1 of Game Of Thrones That You Completely Forgot About


Fans are still getting over the end of Game of Thrones which doesn’t seem that long ago now. However, looking back at where the show came from, it feels like a lifetime since Season 1 kicked things off.

That first season of the show had a lot of work to do, introducing all the characters and bringing us into the world of Westeros and beyond. The season gripped fans with shocking moments, epic storylines and memorable characters. But how well do you really remember those first ten episodes of the series? Here are some of the things you completely forgot happened in Season 1 of Game of Thrones.

10 Tyrion’s Blonde Hair

After eight seasons on the show, all of the characters look at least a little different from where they started. However, one distinct look for a key character seemed to have simply been abandoned after Season 1.
When we are first introduced to Tyrion in the first episode, he has very blonde hair, just like all the other Lannisters. In fact, a big deal is made about the fact that Lannisters’ hair is also blonde in that first season. But they must have decided it wasn’t important after all as Tyrion’s hair gets darker and darker as the series goes on until there is no trace of blonde whatsoever.
9 Starks Together For The Last Time

The bond between the Starks is such a bit part of the show. It’s pretty impressive how the show holds that bond throughout the early seasons considering how little time the Starks are actually together.

In the second episode, the family splits, most of them never to see each other again. Jon and Robb talk for the last time in the second episode. We never even see Robb and Ned speak to each other, nor do we see Catelyn speak to Arya at any time. After everything they’ve gone through, it seems strange that this is all the time they have together.

8 Beric Dondarrion Is Killed For The First Time

Beric Dondarrion is one of the most interesting and underrated supporting characters in the show. In Season 3, he is introduced as the outlaw leader of the Brotherhood without Banners who serve no king and fight to protect the smallfolk of Westeros. We also learn that he has been brought back to life on several occasions.
However, Season 3 is not the first time we see the character. In Season 1, Ned sends Beric (played by a different actor), to bring Gregor Clegane to justice. We learn later Gregor kills Beric for the first time before he is resurrected.
7 The First Clegane Showdown

Gregor Clegane only plays a small role in the first season. He would, of course, go on to be one of the most intimidating characters on the show as the undead bodyguard of Cersei which culminates in the epic showdown between him and his brother The Hound in the final season.
However, that fight (dubbed the Cleganebowl by fans) was the second time we saw these brothers fight. In Season 1, Gregor attempts to kill Loras Tyrell after being defeated in the jousting tournament. Sandor steps in and the two brothers square off, genuinely looking like they are trying to kill each other before King Robert orders them to stop.

6 Jon’s Fake Mother

One of the earliest mysteries introduced in the show was the truth about Jon Snow’s birth. While many fans figured out the truth long before it was eventually revealed on the show, back in Season 1, they through a pretty big red herring into the mix.

While on the road back to King’s Landing, Robert and Ned take a moment to look back on the good ol’ days. Robert brings up a woman Ned allegedly had an affair with who Robert refers to as his “bastard’s mother”. Ned acknowledges her name is Wylla yet refuses to speak of her. It’s unclear is Wylla is a real person Ned knew or someone he invented to hide the truth.
5 Cersei Reveals Her First Child

It’s pretty clear from the beginning that Cersei Lannister is not a good person. We come to that conclusion even before we see her having sex with her brother and allowing Bran to be pushed out a window. However, we also get a rare moment of sympathy for Cersei in those early episodes.
After Bran is thrown out the window, Cersei comes to visit him and offer her sympathies to Catelyn. She tells a story about her own pain of losing her first child during pregnancy. While this could have been a lie, given Cersei’s genuine love for her children, it seems believable. It’s wild to think what might have changed if that child was heir to the throne instead of Joffrey.

4 Tyrion’s First Marriage

Tyrion is another Lannister who shares an intimate secret about his past in Season 1 only for it not to be mentioned again. While playing a drinking game with Shae and Bronn, Tyrion tells the story of how he saved a young woman from attackers and fell in love with her.
Tyrion married the girl only for Tywin to undo the marriage and have Jaime tell Tyrion the truth, that the girl was a prostitute hired for Tyrion. Interestingly enough, in the books, it is later revealed that Tywin had Jaime lie to Tyrion and their love was genuine.
3 Varys Plots With The Targaryens

For a long time, Varys was a very hard character to figure out. It seemed like his allegiance was always changing and his motivations were unclear. However, we did get a hint at his bigger plans for the future way back in Season 1.

When Arya is in the tunnels below the Red Keep, she overhears Varys speaking with a man about various plots. That man is Illyrio Mopatis, the merchant who helped arrange the marriage between Daenerys and Kahl Drogo. Even then, Varys was scheming to restore the Targaryen rule in Westeros.

2 Arya’s First Kill

Arya has always been one of the toughest characters in the show and grows to become one of the deadliest characters as well. Given all of the people she ends up killing over the course of the series, it’s interesting that her first kill is somewhat forgotten.
After the Lannisters turn on the Starks at King’s Landing, Arya attempts to escape the city. She runs into a boy who attempts to turn her into the Lannisters. Arya stabs him with Needle, killing him. It is a shocking, unexpected and dark moment that forces Arya to realize it’s not so simple to take a life.
1 Daenerys’ Wedding Night

Daenerys became likely the most powerful character on the show by the final season. But in the first season, she was largely a victim and pawn to those around her. While her brother Viserys is remembered for his cruelty, many fans have overlooked the horrible things Kahl Drogo did.
On their wedding night (a wedding Daenerys was forced into) a frightened Daenerys is raped by Drogo. He continues to do this for the first few episodes until they form a bond. It’s strange that so many fans look back fondly on this relationship given how horrific its beginning was.
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