3 Things You Won’t Want To Miss In Barcelona


Barcelona, Spain’s second largest city, is a place of wonder. It has an unparalleled architecture, mediterranean beaches and an all-year mild weather. If you intend to go to this amazing city for work, tourism, studying spanish or any other reason, here’s a list of three things that will make you fall in love with it and enjoy all it has to offer.

Explore The City’s Architecture And Cultural History

If you are an architecture enthusiast, just by going sightseeing you can find buildings in Barcelona with centuries of history to explore over. From Roman ruins to the world-famous art of Antoni Gaudí, one of Spain’s most famous artists of the 19th and 20 th century.

Chances are you already know some of his art. His work in Barcelona led to the creation of some of the city’s most notable monuments and landmarks.

Among his works are the still unfinished Church of La Sagrada Familia (his greatest achievement yet controversial!), Güell Park, La Pedrera apartment building and Casa Batló.

Gaudí was a pioneer in his field using color, texture and movement in ways never before seen, fusing Gothic and Art Nouveau styles: an authentic genius. (A friendly tip: If you intend to visit any of these buildings just don’t forget to get your tickets in advance!)

After going to all the tourist attractions and landmarks, go all around them. Barcelona is filled with cool and unique neighborhoods with modernist buildings, winding streets and passageways to be explored.

If you fall in love with the city and decide to spend a long term in Barcelona, you’ll be able to learn spanish Barcelona, the second most spoken language in the world, which is definitely a skill you can use for professional or personal growth.

Feel the Sand In The Most Beautiful Beaches

Whether you’re looking simply for a place to relax or you want to try your skills in watersports, with its large number of beautiful sun-soaked beaches, Barcelona has locations to suit everyone.

Also, when it comes to picture perfect weather, you can’t get much better than it. The city enjoys a mild climate almost all year, due to its location on the mediterranean. During the winter season, temperatures are tolerable, and rain or snow are fairly rare.

Take a stroll along the beach surrounded by majestic green hills and you’ll notice all the locals out walking, biking, skating and enjoying the mediterranean sun. You could actually spend the whole visit just exploring at the views while walking around.

Discover the City’s Food and Nightlife

Besides being a cultural spot, Barcelona’s nightlife is one of the most electric in Europe. The city has unique vibes, and there is always something going on and something new to experience at every hour of the night (and early morning), seven days a week.

Gothic alleyways are lined with bars of all types, and clubs are all over the town, with more than enough options from which to choose, from R&B and Hip Hop to Pop, Rock or Jazz.

As a touristic city, there are also organized activities, like Pub Crawls or Night Shows, where you can meet people from all over the world.

Additionally, If you are a foodie, Barcelona is definitely your dream destination.

The capital of the Catalan community has many must-eat foods, many of which date back to hundreds of years, like Paella (chances are you already know this iconic rice and seafood dish!), Pa amb Tomaquet (as simple as bread rubbed with garlic and tomato juice) and Esqueixada (most traditional catalan salad, made with raw salted cod, onions and olives, among other ingredients).

So, if you want to go out and don’t know where to start, begin your evening like a mediterranian, having some tapas and local wine where locals gather. Then, you can head to the beach and drink tropical cocktails late into the night against the backdrop of the Mediterranean sea.

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