3 Tips for Simplifying Your Life

One of the best ways to improve your life is to simplify it. Unfortunately, if you’re already pretty busy, simplify can look like just one more item on an already-crowded to-do list. However, if you take the time to put the suggestions below into practice, you may find that list narrowed down a lot more than you expect.

Hack Your Routine

It can be useful to look at the things that you do every day or most days and figure out how to make them simpler. For example, many people do batch cooking, which involves spending a few hours on a Sunday afternoon cooking and freezing meals so that you only have to heat up your breakfast, lunches and dinners throughout the week. A slow cooker is a great option if you want to be able to throw in some ingredients in the morning and have a nice meal by evening. Some people swear by a capsule wardrobe, or a simple selection of clothing that you can easily mix and match to make getting ready for work in the morning fast and easy. There are plenty of other ways to simplify your routine depending on your lifestyle, including unsubscribing from email lists, getting a haircut that is easier to style and care for, and getting rid of apps that clutter your phone and that you don’t use.

Organize Your Finances

Getting your finances in order and making as many things automatic as possible means you can stop thinking about money. You can get apps to track your spending, help you budget and even warn you when you are getting close to the limit in a certain category. You should set up as many automatic payments as possible. You should also see if you can save money by reducing what you owe for various things. For example, if you’ve stayed with the same auto insurance company or cell phone provider, you may be able to switch and pay less. In just two minutes, you can find out whether refinancing your student loans can give you a lower rate and reduce your monthly expenses. This can take years off of the amount of time it will take to pay your loan.

Declutter Your Space

Take a few hours or a whole weekend if you need it to declutter your desk at work and your room, apartment or home. While you can do this in stages, it’s easy to get sidetracked and let clutter build up, so it is best to try to do it all at once. One rule of thumb often suggested is to get rid of any clothes you haven’t worn in a year. Clear out your kitchen, throwing out any old expired condiments, extra storage containers and anything else that you don’t use regularly. It can be tempting to keep some items for sentimental purposes, but if you find yourself struggling to let go of anything at all, consider taking a photo of it instead. Donate everything that has any value or give it to a friend and throw away the rest to get a fresh start.

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