5 Quick Tips to Improve Conversion Rate as an Amazon Seller in 2021!

To improve the conversion rate on Amazon, here are some quick tips for you. In this article, you will find out some interesting rate conversion facts for your product to be sold on Amazon. 

What are Conversion Rates & Unit Session Percentage?

Optimizing conversion rates on their platform, Amazon spends million or either billion a year. This is the reason, they expect too much from a seller to buy and bring them more and more customers. Bringing more customers from the side of sellers to amazon means the revenue of satisfied customers, which is why Amazon is spending millions.

Looking at your business selling report, you will get actually what the unit session percentage is. The more we promote our product, the more we get the buyers. The more we get the buyer the more the revenue built. Your business will be strengthened with the marketing strategies and you will earn even more customers which will help the business report to move upwards only. Olifant Digital is going to help you promote your Amazon business flawlessly, and effectively.

Eventually, the order value will increase and the conversion rate will improve. The more the chart builds the level up, the more Amazon will rank sellers in the unit session percentage

Amount in One Session

The conversion rate and the unit session percentage differ by just a customer landing. There is a difference between conversion rate and unit session percentage. The conversion rate depends on the number of customers landing. While the unit session percentage increases by the units sold. 

For instance, if 5 of 10 customers landed on the product and borrowed one unit each. Then the conversion rate and the unit session percentage will be 50%. But if in case, 4 customers out of these 5 decided to order 3 units each then the conversion rate will remain the same but the unit session percentage will increase by 70%. 

Improvement in Conversion Rate for Listing

Using promotions like buy one get one deal, or adding small PRs with valued orders may help to improve the conversion rate for listing. You can create your promotion packages in the promotion section. You can set your promotions packages under the advertisement tab.

There are some options like a percentage off too, in which customers can make their promotion package from the promotion packages promoted by the seller. In this scenario, the customer will have a 10% minimum or a maximum of 15% discount on the product purchase.

Most buyers are attracted to this deal, make their packages, and grab the sales opportunities like that. 

Split Testing on Your Listing

Split testing is just like running an ad set. It is a test among the potential and the original list prepared by you. Both the lists are prepared by keeping the successful and most sold products in it. 

It is a strategy to improve the conversion rate as an amazon seller. Many assistant applications are here to run this split test strategy. You can also perform this strategy via Facebook Ads Agency. The Facebook ad set is providing you the option for 3 products to run ads for and carry out a little test. This will help boost the audience and improve the conversion rate.

These processes will eventually lead towards the winning individual. With that result, you can promote those lists, make their promotion packages, or either sell them on buying one and get one sale too. For the time being, the winning list from the split testing strategy should be promoted to carry out potential customer targets. 

It is something similar to you asking your customers to vote for the lists designed by you. It is the customer’s choice. 

Major Roles of Product Description

Image thumbnail plays a major role in it, some sellers deceive the buyers by adding fake and manipulated images of the product. Even the major role is also played by the description under the product image. Some great content writers manipulate their products and garnish them in such a way that attracts customers. 

Now, the reason to discuss this was so that you can add a fascinating image, an attractive intro with a deep and clear description of your product. Add as many clear pictures as you can. To portray your product clearly and wisely. Replying to the review and feedback section plays a huge role, as it shows the activity and presence of the seller. Some people are hesitant to ask the query from the buyer themselves so they go through the feedback section and description section. Make sure to keep an eye on these very sections and reply to the customer short but detailed.

Here is a secret hack for all the sellers to improve their conversion rate. 

Amazon Frequently Bought Section

In this section, Amazon’s AI plays an amazing role. The algorithm carries all the information from the buyers. The products filtered in this information by the AI carry are listed in the frequently brought section. Where similar products are sometimes added. Amazon thinks both these products have been purchased. While only one of them is sold. 

Now, to improve the conversion, here is the secret hack to hack the frequently brought section. This hack is only useful if you have multiple products in the same brand or similar products on the list. These same products should be similar enough to be complimented on each other’s behalf. Change the ASIN code by using different strategies and here you go, your item will present together with the similar product you searched for.


Hope the above tips will be helpful enough to improve the conversion rate and boost the audience. Keep an eye on all stuff either small or either enough valued. Keep track that even a single insignificant thing in your eye can play a major role in your success.

Keep tracking your image, title, product description, its pros, and cons. Stay connected with the audience via the review section and keep track of the competitors’ products.

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