7 Best Halloween Costumes That Look Great with Wigs (2021)


Hair plays a big part when playing a character, which is why a wig can give your Halloween costume the extra oomph it needs. It’ll make you stand out in a crowd.

Here are the best Halloween costumes that wigs can look great in.

Cruella De Vil

Emma Stone’s latest movie gave quite the impression on many movie fanatics partly because of her iconic Cruella De Ville look.

Nothing screams more Cruella than the black and white wig. Whether you wear a high-fashion dress or an all-black ensemble, you will complete the dog villain vibe.

Beth Harmon (Queen’s Gambit)

Dress up as the chess queen Beth Harmon in her signature dainty copper-coloured bob from the popular Netflix series, the Queen’s Gambit.

Match the hair with a neutral-toned, ‘60s inspired dress and a pair of Oxfords, and you’ll look like you’ll be able to checkmate anyone on Halloween.

Bob Ross

When it comes to hair, Bob Ross will always be relevant. His look can be one of the easiest characters to recognize and the easiest to pull off.

Aside from the hair and beard, you only need a light blue buttoned-down shirt, a pair of denim pants, and a paintbrush. It’s a fun and simple costume that makes other people go, “Ha! You’re Bob Ross!”

Lil Nas X

If you love music, then you should go for this costume. For example, in the Montero (Call Me by Your Name) music video, there’s a scene where Lil Nas X wears a grand blue ensemble with a Marie-Antoinette-inspired wig.

The regal, Avant-Garde get-up will turn heads in any Halloween party. And if that’s not enough, then finish the look off with flashy blue makeup and big sparkling jewellery to channel your inner Lil Nas X.

Billie Eilish

Nothing is more laid-back for music enthusiasts who prefer a more chill costume than Billie Eilish and her neon green hair. But, of course, any person from Gen Z would know enough to associate Billie Eilish with her hair.

Wear a matching neon green oversized sweatshirt, sweat pants, and some sneakers. Don’t forget to rock a pair of neon green glasses to complete the vibe!

The Joker

Here is another green-haired character that is easily recognizable by anyone. The look of this famous Gotham villain has evolved through the years, but the contrast of his hair to his brightly coloured clothes has been an icon for comic book and movie fans.

To recreate Jared Leto’s 2021 version of the Joker, wear a long sleeved-shirt and suspenders with matching slacks. Use white face paint and add in gnarly tattoos. If you’re not into using body paint, sport a clean and striking coat and tie ensemble with slicked back green hair that resembles Joaquin Phoenix’s version.

Disney Princesses

Nothing beats the classic Disney princess costume. Whether you go as Cinderella in the blonde updo or Ariel with her voluminous red hair, Halloween will not be complete without the attendance of a princess from the most magical place on Earth.

Be it vampire, Cleopatra, neon or anime, wigs are a fun and creative way to make your Halloween costume more interesting. But, if you want to grab attention or embody your character, remember to try different styles and be creative!

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