Advantages & Disadvantages: Thread Lift Treatment

Thread Lift

Want skin lifting to accomplish noticeable lines and folds? Thread lifting is the best treatment to rely on. It is a non-surgical treatment premeditated to provide your face a natural lift. Not only does it have this but it can also assist you in repositioning sagged skin by enhancing smile lines, marionette lines, jawlines, and so much more.

The procedure is carried by placing the threads under the surface of your skin. To hold up the arrangement prepared by threads, a small cone-like projection is positioned. As an outcome, when the thread gets dissolved it leaves behind new collagen.

Sometimes the patient may get an immediate outcome otherwise it takes habitually a month or two post-procedures. The overall effect lasts up to 18 months, to extend it, further, one must have to rely on several complementary treatments. Here, we‘ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of thread lift treatment.


Customizable outcome

A thread lift is included in one of the treatments approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The rationale behind providing approval is that this process of skin lifting is not quite painless. Though, anesthesia is not applied to the patient during the progression. Due to this, the patient is cognizant throughout, thus, the coordination between the surgeon and patient seems to be fair. As per the patient’s active participation, it assists the surgeon in procuring the desires accordingly. Further, edits can be made whenever required; one can customize the degree of skin lifting too without any kind of hesitation. While in many other processes it is not possible to carry out without anesthesia.

Immediate results

Well each one of us is busy with our daily routine, in such a jam-packed routine picking out sometime is really a tough task to do. Besides, all this going for some additional processes is really frustrating. But, you don’t have to worry about it much now as thread lifting can be done in just an hour or two. Moreover, it is also referred to as the “lunch-hour facelift”. As we know that this method is carried out just with the help of threads created with surgical accuracy. Thus, you can quickly get done by it, and then you’re free to continue your daily activities. There are no side-effects that obligate you to continue on.

Provides appropriate stretching

As we discussed earlier that the results which we get are immediate, requires no changes, and doesn’t even require further treatments. While in other cases it may take several days to achieve the final results. No specific measurements of degrees are taken which are to be achieved. All this leads into a controlled process that minimizes the risk of creating an uneven façade of overstretched or artificially stretched skin.


Tentative longevity

The longevity of the outcome is not specified; it may even last long about 18 months or for a couple of months. Other cosmetics procedures may contain definite longevity, while in thread lift as it is a one-dimensional method the formation of collagen may or may not sustain for the long term. The overall effects achieved directly depend upon the nimbleness of the presenting surgeon. Additionally, if you have a bad lifestyle of living, I mean smoking and drinking, then the change in your body weight will quickly dissolve the obtained results.

Limited application

In comparison to all other cosmic methods, it has been noted that this method is only applicable to a limited portion of your skin. If you are opting for this method with the aspect of achieving an overall perfect appearance of your body then it is not possible. It is attributed to one who is suffering from issues like sagging and wrinkling. Further, it doesn’t show the utmost outcome against issues like pigmentation and spots.

Additional expenses

As this method shows limited application, you have to rely on additional anti-aging methods to get the appearance that you desired. For doing so you have to add some extra expenses besides the expense of thread lift treatment which up limits your budget and no one would like to do that.

Wrapping up

Here, at Live Enhanced, we discussed several advantages and disadvantages accordingly. All we noticed tells us if you are looking for a temporary glowing appearance then only rely on this method. Otherwise, you have to pay extra expenses to achieve your desires. By my side, this process suits you well if you are about to do a photo shoot. But, if you want your appearance to last long with the exact efficacy then you must switch on to other cosmetic procedures.

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