Bail bond agents can help arrested persons shorten jail time

When anyone faces arrest, the first person they think about who can help them get out from jail is a bondsman from Shelby county Castle bail bondsman. The bondsman relieves the client’s anxiety by ensuring their speedy release so that they can maintain anormal life until called for appearing at the court for trial. By furnishing the bond on behalf of the client, the bondsman acts as a surety and assures the court that his client will respect the court’s order and appear for trial on a later date.

What follows arrest?

The legal process stipulates that soon after arrest, the police books the person by framing the charges, which takes a little time and then wait for the commencement of trial after some days. During this time, the person must stay in jail unless he can assure the court about a timely court appearance if released by posting bail or furnishing a bond.  The bail or bond is an undertaking by the arrested person about abiding by the court’s legal conditions for availing bail. The judge decides the bail amount by considering various factors like the background of the person, the type and seriousness of the crime, criminal record, earning capacity, etc.  

Bail or bond?

Bail has a two-fold function – it serves as a security deposit, and its high amount acts as a deterrent for the accused to commit the crime again.  To post bail, you can deposit cash in the court but must prove that it is entirely legal money failing which the court can deny bail. Since bail amounts are often quite high, it is difficult for the accused to arrange for a large sum of money quite fast besides proving that it is legal money.  It can take a longer time to complete the process and delay the release.

Furnishing bail bond is easier because the bail bond company or the bondsman issues a bond for the bail amount but charges only 10% along with collateral, which relieves clients of the burden of arranging cash. By furnishing the bond, the bondsman pledges to shoulder the risks if the client fails to appear in court on time and assures the court of satisfactory compliance of the bail conditions. 

Bail bonds are cheap

Although issuing bail bonds is complex, clients need not worry because the bondsman makes it hassle-free for them. An added convenience is the low cost of bonds that entails only 10% of the bail amount, which is highly affordable and speeds up the process. Even by adding the fees and other charges to the bond value, the overall cash involvement is much low than posting bonds by paying cash for the full value.

Fast process

Bail bonds are more attractive because the bondsman can speedily complete the process and ensure the quick release of the arrested person. The bondsman has enough resources and expertise to ensure faster completion, taking a long time to post bail.

You can work directly with a bail agent without involving a lawyer, and it saves cost.

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