Best movies Related top investment and business

movies Related top investment and business

Nowadays, it is almost impossible to read a book about finance, business, and investments, which helps to understand the economic landscape. Many companies build awareness, build awareness, and launch their products by getting leads and sales by watching movies related to it as it helps them improve their work. In finance films, comedy, redemption, tragedy are all present that the Hollywood industry has produced. The movies have unbelievable stories of the excess risk-taking and greed, which helps business-minded people know about all the do’s and don’ts about the business. It is good to stay posted about the world of knowledge of trade and investment. It will ultimately help you to make a sensible investment decision. So the most entertaining way of getting knowledge about investment and business is by watching movies ชวนดูหนังออนไลน์. It will help you to acquire knowledge and get entertained.


1- American psycho (2000)

American psycho movie sheds light on the surreal world, accommodated by the elite financial class—the movie sets in the backdrop of finance and a violent thriller. A hero in this movie is a wealthy investment banker. The film is the adaption of Bret Easton Elli’s novel. Every investor should watch this movie when they get time, as this movie deals with finance and the markets.

2- The social Network

A business person can learn a lot from the movies. The crux of this movie is that the big things often start from the small beginnings. It has a brilliant script, excellent cast, and the perfect director. This movie tells how Facebook begins, and this movie base on the life of Mark Zuckerberg.

3- Wall streets:

Due to Gordon Gekko’s famous speech delivered by him, which is “Greed is good,” this movie is favorite. This movie’s actor is Micheal Douglas, who also won the academy award for his film’s tremendous performance. The movie teaches that it is straightforward to be lured by greed and make a morally disgraceful decision. It tells how ambition takes you to a crooked path.

4- The wolf of wall street:

The wolf of wall street is base on a true story. In this movie, the ups and downs of Jorden Belfort as an entrepreneur shown. It is well-directed, and the performances of the actors are great. Jordon’s Belfort is precisely the ideal example of what an entrepreneur should not be if he wants success in life. In this movie, the actor is having no empathy towards people, and in the end, its arrogant behavior leads to its downfall.

5- The Aviator:

The aviator is the perfect model of those entrepreneurs who face a lot of obstacles in their way. This movie gives the moral that you can achieve great things in life after overcoming all the obstacles. The film is a biopic of Howard Hughes, a billionaire who overcame all challenges in life and has become a famous businessman. He has overcome all the odds of life, and with the business man, he is also a successful director in the Hollywood film industry.

  • Moneyball:

In this movie, the crux of the story is the actor had to adapt to survive. He had to take risks and also make critical decisions in life to achieve something good in life. Mostly the startup of the businessman is the same. He has to face the hardships and go up against all the stiff competition and overcome the odds, which helps him establish his business in the short, success achieved by risk-taking in life, especially in investment or companies.


In a nutshell, All the movies, as mentioned above, are the best movies for entrepreneurs to watch หนังทําเงิน2019, and ultimately it will help them get motivated and achieve bigger goals in life. The films mentioned in the above article, whether you are an entrepreneur or not, should be above everyone’ severyone’s list of movies.




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