Decorating your condo this year – outrageous ideas worth everything

Canada is often perceived as boring, isolated, snowy, cold, and not so colorful. It is colorful if you think about it. It’s not just Toronto, take a look at Montreal, Calgary, Hamilton, and Vancouver. Toronto somehow attracts the most of any kind.

With its proximity to the United States through Lake Ontario, Toronto has earned itself a lively recognition. Being the business, commercial, financial and cultural capital of the country, it has attracted immigrants from all around the world.

The city’s urban planning pays homage to apartments, lofts, and Toronto condos. It mixed residential lots with apartment buildings as a way to curb suburban sprawl. It has affectionately earned the nickname ‘Condo town’ due to an abundance of high-rise buildings and skyscrapers.

Another interesting fact worth noting is that Torontonians living in condos are aficionados for meticulously decorating their condos as per the season. Moreover, they love decorating their condos in ways that suit all seasons of the year.

The beauty of design lies in its ability in adapting, molding, and incorporating influences that not only amplify the aura, environment, and style of a place but also add to its function. This year’s interior design trends for condos illustrate modern functional and aesthetic values.

These very ideas are hip and hop for the beloved Torontonians living in condos. Hence, let us now have a look at what this year’s design trends have for condo residents by checking each idea in brief detail:

Earth tones in condo’s colors

Let’s begin with the color aspect. Classic Blue is the Pantone color of the year and embraces cool tones. Yet another pattern is emerging. Embracing earth tones is a modern trend in interior design and it adds a vibe of comfort and calmness in the condo.

Yellow ochre, burnt orange, and olive green are shades that help add the element of warmth to the apartment but also help add a connection with the great outdoors.

Furniture and accessories mimicking the naturalness of plants, metals, wood and even earth help create a calm environment that does not differ much between the inside and the calmness of a forest. With many spending time indoors, it is indeed a welcoming feeling.

It however does not indicate that residents should go with neutral tones, they can go with bold ones like Chocolaty brown velvet couch, oakwood brown doors, metal grey windows and window frames, light brown shelves, tables, and racks, and the like. Integrating these tones creatively helps bring out a unique look and persona for the condo.

The resurrection of curvy shapes with a modern twist

This trend is a unique throwback to the good old days. It is the re-emergence of curved shapes in furniture. Such takes inspiration from the good old days of the 60s and 70s, and now a modern twist has been added to it in the form of line and curve mesh.

Sofas, lounge chairs, dining chairs, dining tables, and the like are being designed with asymmetry and flutter. Curved sofas are welcoming for a lively and conversational time between people in the living room. In today’s living room design ideas, they are abundant.

Such free form designs could reach their peak this year, and when they do; organic form designs will come in and take their place. Today’s time requires nature’s tranquil energy to come inside everybody’s homes. Designs that emulate circles, curves, and waves help add the element of calm and softness in the home’s environment.

Spaces offering multiple functions

Households today are in the remote working mode, thanks to the COVID-19 outbreak. The same goes for kids as they are learning from home too. This paves the way for multifunctional spaces to become an integral part of any home. For condos, this is a plus. A lot of home and condo owners are taking to open-plans to add multifunctional spaces to each room present.

Doubling up space and functionality in the kitchen and dining room is a good idea. Kitchens having islands can help turn it into a kitchen, a dining place, and a mini workstation. People can thus cook, eat, work, and interact with each other at the same place and at the same time with ease.

Kitchen counters and breakfast nooks are suitable for smaller condos. They eliminate the need for a separate room as it helps create space for another needed room.

Functional spaces have also found their way to playrooms and children’s bedrooms. Smart & spatial layouts help kids sleep and play in a space that is safe and cool. It also allows other rooms of the home to be utilized effectively too.

For parents who prefer keeping an eye on their children when working from home or cooking without referring to the camera, they can turn living room corners into a comfy playing space.

Condo residents do not need to worry about fitness. If their condo lacks an extra room, they can go for resistance bands, dumbbells, kettlebells, and jump ropes to add some spark to their fitness routine.

If they do have an extra room (provided they live in a luxurious condo) or have added space in any room, they can turn that into a mini home gym with the aforementioned equipment plus a spin bike, a bench, and other workout gear too.

Décor which is layered and contrasting

Design is moving away from matching elements with subtle looks. Now is the time for high contrast design in styles, materials, and colors. Those who wish to color their living room with a nice shade of red or blue now is the time for them to complement that with a bolder shade of either color. The only catch is that the color contrasts be matched in moderation.

Eclectic design helps match old and new. It is now weaving itself in other styles of interior designs today. People can go modern or contemporary in décor and then complement it with the needed accessories and vice versa. The distinction between looks gives these spaces a charming appeal.

For instance, a modern artwork in a room full of vintage stuff is the first step to layered and contrasting décor. Another idea is to pair an ornate desk with a sleek bench, or even better; putting up old-style lamps with a modern sofa table and the like. The key here is creating a blend reflecting the condo residents’ taste.

Creating a classy home office in the condo

Creating a workspace at home these days is a hot topic, especially when the COVID-19 pandemic is lingering around. The need of creating a productive and functional workspace is high in demand.

Guest rooms, spare areas in bedrooms as well as storerooms and large closets pave a good way for offices. A small floating shelf, a mini secretary desk, or a leaning ladder are some smart solutions helping create a smart workspace.

If the condo has no room, then there is still a practical solution to creating a top-class workspace. Lap desks and lumbar support pillows are essentials to help create a work area in places like the bedroom, living room, and dining room helping create a seamless working pattern.

Mixing metal and wood furniture

Finishing and furniture in silver, gold, copper, and tin are becoming confidently prominent. To make sure the metal isn’t overwhelming, mixing warm metals (brass, copper, or gold) with cool colored metals (aluminum, silver, or stainless steel), one dominant color and one accent tone must be chosen. Neutral metals like cast iron and other black metals can be easily combined with both tones.

Another tip is to avoid going beyond three different metals in mixing them. Different metals should also not be clustered in one part of the room. Rather they should be spread out horizontally and vertically i.e. a copper coffee table should be placed with a copper light fixture.

Rattan and Wicker’s furniture is back

They were once considered as material for exteriors but now they are in for interiors too. Both Rattan wicker furniture offers warmth and charm used in modern, transitional, and boho styles. Whether such furniture is in contemporary or traditional style, having either or both of them invites organic elements in the condo going well with the décor at hand.

Adding wicker ottomans to the living room brings a good contemporary feel. Bedrooms can add beach vibes with an accent chair or a rattan bench. Rattan and Wicker furniture help add a comfortable and casual vibe to the condo too.

Lets welcome Canopy beds to the bedroom

Classical and retro things are trending and this is the reason canopy beds are back with a bang. Bedrooms are the epitome of comfort and privacy, and a canopy bed amplifies them both. In any style of bedroom (minimalist, maximalist, 90’s teen, etc.), they look great.

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