Did you read these 5 tips before selecting your homecoming dress?

As homecoming is getting near, the excitement level and the rush to just jump into it is real high! There might be plenty of things going on in your head to plan on dresses, shoes, hair, perfume etc. It’s completely okay! But as we have hundreds of things going on in mind right now, it’s a good option to list the priority one’s and keep them in check. This really helps to keep the important things done and won’t ruin anything later.

First things first find the homecoming dresses on sale. It’s such a time of the year that one can easily find homecoming gown on sale, not the expensive ones but affordable homecoming dresses. Get your mind completely in this to prep and complete a list for homecoming:

1. Set your budget:
Occasions are all good but one should always remember to buy things that don’t completely empty their pockets. Look at what you have set aside for special occasions, and map out what you are comfortable spending, not only on the dress, but for the whole night. Then it is important to calculate how much you are willing to contribute. Try a hairstyle, take ideas from various online websites for homecoming hairstyle.

2. Take Care of your skin.:

The time to play with new cleansers or cosmetics isn’t a great option just before the occasion is about to start. Reason being that it could cause breakouts is not a major event, so keep your skincare routine equal to what you have always done. Keep in mind simple steps like Simply wash it with a gentle cleanser twice a day and drink a lot of water to keep my skin hydrated.

You could set yourself up for unwanted breakouts to avoid playing with new makeup treatments or products ahead of the big dance. For the most part, it’s better to keep your routine the same. If you want to get other services done like waxing, cleansing etc. then it is suggested to get it done a few days before to avoid any of them.

3. Hair care:

Pamper yourself with the applying coconut or almond oil which is healthy for your hair. First,thoroughly wash your hair; then add coconut oil, adding a higher concentration at the ends. Cover your hair with a good quality super absorbent hair towel and leave the oil on overnight. Do this on the weekend, because to extract all the oil, it takes a couple of good rinses in the morning.

4. Pick up a pair of shoes for dancing ‘.

When it comes to dancing, make sure that you have shoes that are comfortable. You don’t want to be uncomfortable all night or you have to walk around barefoot with your shoes off! That’s embarrassment and inconvenience at the same time. Purchase your shoes well in advance, and try them out by wearing them the whole week leading up to homecoming for an hour each day. It is really important to bear in mind the length of your dress when buying shoes!

5. Trying and testing:

When your outfit, hair, makeup, and shoes have been agreed upon, take it all for a trial. To make sure you can quickly walk about in them, try on your dress and shoes. Walk up and down stairs of your home, practise getting in and out of the car, and sit down at the dining room table to make sure you can do what you need to do to stay comfortable and easy in it.

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