Easily Rotate Your PDF Files: Why Use GogoPDF?

PDF Files

If you need a document for an urgent meeting and before the meeting, the file sent to you is rotated incorrectly or scanned upside down; you might need to use a tool that can quickly turn that PDF file without any hassle. You should not panic because GogoPDF can help you when you encounter this kind of issue, and you only need to trust this online tool. With that, here’s why you need to use this online software to rotate your PDF files.


The Process is Straightforward

This rotate PDF function from GogoPDF can easily rotate your documents in less than a minute. You are allowed to turn any PDF pages quickly. Rotate those pages in any angle you desire and merge different documents in one set up. You can perform all of that or rotate a particular page from a PDF file, but it’s up to you how to do things.


Every change you will apply to the original document will also be reflected instantly in printing the document. With that, there’s no need to worry about missing out on an important meeting or presentation. Don’t let unforeseen emergencies let you down, and be prepared with the help of this function. So here’s how you can operate this rotate PDF function:


  1. Upload the document that you need to rotate. From your PC, get the document or drag it to the function bar.
  2. Start rotating your file. Do the changes that you need.
  3. Apply the changes to your file.
  4. Download, then save the rotated PDF document to your PC or share the file with your accounts.

Your Files is Permanently Rotated

Not only can you quickly rotate your documents, but you can also save them permanently. After editing your file, you only need to apply the changes you want, and everything will be reflected in your data quickly. If you want any hard copy of the edited PDF documents, worry no more because the changes you made to its original PDF is shown if you print your file.


Secure and Safe Cloud Storage

This online function from GogoPDF is also web-browser based. With that said, there’s no need to download any software. Every user can easily edit and fix their PDF files. All of these software processes are done and saved through the online cloud.


Prioritizing the User Privacy

If you are sensitive about your personal information’s privacy, you can avoid that by using GogoPDF. The rotate PDF process will also protect the privacy of every customer, owner, staff, and other people who want to make sure that their files are private and nonpublic. Every document edited and uploaded to the server is removed after one hour.


Supports Multiple Platforms, Browsers, and Devices

This online software can perfectly work on Linux, Windows, Mac, and other operating systems available. Users can also access GogoPDF using their mobile phones, tablets, computers, laptops, and other devices that you can easily connect to the internet. If you are using a web browser, you can also utilize this site using Firefox, Safari, Opera, Google Chrome, and others.


Multiple Rotation Options

This online-based function will allow you to choose different file angles that you need. You can rotate your file between 180 or 90 degrees, counterclockwise or clockwise. Users can also choose to turn one, multiple, or every PDF file pages.



With GogoPDF, you can easily rotate your PDF files without pressure and difficulty. It’s a helpful tool that will allow you to use its function without sacrificing your files’ privacy. With that said, your documents will remain confidential, and other people won’t be able to access any of your private documents.

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