Easter Party Ideas For A Twist On Traditional Celebrations

Easter Sunday means different things to different people. Some view it as a sacred day because of its religious roots. Others are keen on having fun during the celebrations with their loved ones. There is a lot that you can do for the Easter festivities. You could stick to the traditional elements to find comfort in the familiar. You may also try out new things to put an exciting twist on this annual gathering. Below are a few Easter party ideas for a twist on traditional celebrations. Let these spark your own creative concepts. 

1. Chocolate Gift Hampers

Everybody loves chocolates so this is a welcome sight in every event. You can find them in gift baskets for all types of occasions. Although generic ones should be fine, you might like to purchase Easter-themed hampers to get into the spirit of the day. The companies that sell these will often put effort in shaping the sweets into Easter bunnies and including colorful Easter eggs. Use the chocolate gift hampers as prizes for various games to motivate the guests to do their best. The children will be particularly impressed with the arrangements and get even more animated once they taste the treats.  

2. Easter Bunny Visit

Mascots are always a hit in parties. It is always fun to see a favorite character come to life and get up-close with the kids. Even the adults get goofy in their presence. The Easter bunny is a widely known symbol of the occasion so why not plan a special appearance? You can do this in different ways. One is to purchase the costume online and let someone from the family wear it during the celebrations. Another option is to book a professional to come in costume and entertain the guests. It is bound to be a riot.

3. Petting Zoo

There is more than one way to bring bunnies into the party this Easter. Instead of a person wearing a costume, how about actual bunnies that the children can pet? This may be possible if you can find a company that provides a mobile petting zoo near you. A guide can explain how to approach the creatures so that they don’t get scared. They may be able to place bunnies on their laps and stroke their furs. Aside from fluffy rabbits, the mobile zoo can also bring in lambs, dugs, small pigs, and other animals. Check for availability in advance.

4. Easter Egg Hunt

An egg hunt is one of the main activities during Easter. This year, you can make it a little different by conducting it at nighttime instead of daytime. It will surely increase the difficulty since the tiny eggs are harder to find in the dark. This is a good option if your guests are mostly adults who are up for a challenge, especially if the property has definite borders and relatively safe. The search party may be equipped with the same flashlights or glowsticks. The eggs themselves may also be illuminated from within with small battery-powered LED lights. 

5. Egg Coloring

Consider setting up a station where kids can have access to art supplies. Teach them how to use these so that they can create their own colorful Easter eggs. Provide them with several patterns to choose from and encourage them to make up their own designs. Make sure that the paints are nontoxic, especially if you are using actual eggs that are meant for consumption later. You can get box sets with dye tablets for ease of setup. You may also opt for natural ingredients instead including crushed berries and other colorful food items. 

6. Egg Alternatives

While it’s good to adhere to tradition, using real eggs for Easter activities can be rather messy. You could boil these until hard to limit the mess but it’s still not ideal. The shells break easily in the hands of energetic children. Even the pristine ones will prove to be difficult to dispose off afterwards. Eating so many of them is rather daunting. That’s why some people prefer using non-edible objects such as egg-shaped rocks for the painting sessions. Large buttons and cardboard could work just as well. These will result in less worries overall. 

7. Pin the Tail

Aside from the egg hunt, the party may feature other games such as Pin the Tail. This usually involves an illustration of a donkey or a horse but there is no reason why it can’t be an Easter bunny. Put up a rabbit poster on the wall and make sure that the tail is just at the right height for the contestants. If little kids are playing, then stick this low enough for them to reach the tail’s position. Make each one wear a blindfold before approaching the bunny and spin them gently a few times to make it harder. 

8. Deviled Eggs

You can choose to go hard on the egg theme by preparing several related dishes for the party. One simple yet delicious option is deviled eggs. Make these by boiling eggs until they are hard on the inside. You can cut them crosswise or lengthwise to remove the yolk. Add your preferred flavors which may include herbs, spices, mayonnaise, mustard, and whatever else you like. Mash these ingredients with the yolk until you get an even mix. Spoon this back to the egg white and decorate. Some make them look like chicks peeking out by adding garnish for the eyes and beak. 

9. Easter Drinks

The drinks will depend on your guests. If you are entertaining little kids around the neighborhood, then it is best to stick to fruit juices and similar refreshments. If you are gathering your adult friends, then perhaps you could make cocktails with a hint of alcohol. If the people prefer non-alcohol beverages, then use sparkling water as the base of the drinks. Lemon lime soda should also produce great-tasting results. 

With a bit of effort, you can turn annual Easter gatherings into a wonderful experience for all guests.

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