eCommerce Photo Editing is Best to Be Left Alone for the Professionals

Photo editing is a broad category. There are so many things that goes within this category. These days, a six-year-old boy can play with his iPad and edit photos to put beard on his face. A little girl can edit her selfie to put horns on her head. So many funny facial manipulations go on within built apps that come with mobile gadgets. So, the term photo editing is no foreign to anyone anymore. However, when it comes to professional photo editing, it is best to leave it for the professionals.

We see so many images being shared on social media. I saw my 12-year-old nephew the other day with realistic looking bear on his face that makes him look like twenty-six-year-old. The image with bear is so realistic that I wouldn’t know it’s not real if I didn’t know my nephew. It’s a trend that kids are having a lot of fun with. Some are even going overboard with the app-based photo editing.

Amateur vs Professional Photo Editing

Young people have so much free time in their hands. Especially when the schools are out, they don’t have anything better to do except playing with their phone and hitting the social media. However, having fun with photo editing app and being a professional photo editing expert is not the same. First group of people do it for fun and image resolution or the print perfect outcome doesn’t mean anything. On the other hand, with professional photo editing, it is used for commercial purposes so the image quality makes a world of difference.

Various Types of Professional Photo Editing

World of professional photo editing is vast. What can you actually do with a photoshop application is beyond anyone’s guess. Only sky is the limit with imagination running wild. This is however true for the creativity scale. world of professional photo editing is not that generous where it allows you to let your creativity run lose. it is very structured type of photo editing platform where a professional is required to do what the client exactly requires.

There are various types of photo editing that is needed for eCommerce product photography. For example: clipping path, background removal, ghost mannequin service, product photo retouching, model retouching and so on.

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Ghost Mannequin Service: A Complex Photo Editing Process

Among all the various types of commercial photo editing methods, ghost mannequin is by far one of the most complex types of photo editing. Not just the editing part I complex, photoshoot sessions are complex as well where a photographer just doesn’t shoot the product photo. They shoot the product photo with a lot of preps putting them on various types of mannequins.

Just the mannequin photoshoot is not adequate for shot mannequin photography. Photographers are required to shoot the inner tags of the clothing items as well that is later on cut and stich to rom a ghost mannequin look.

The process of editing is so complex that only a professional can do this type of editing with lots of practice. So, if a product owner needs this type of editing, they need to hire a professional photo editing service provider who offers ghost mannequin service.

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