Famous Places to Visit in Dubai

Dubai has been known as the pearl of gulf countries, but today we know it as the most visited tourist destination in the world. It won’t be wrong if we call it man-made heaven on earth. Dubai is known for its lavish lifestyle, high rising architecture, adventure parks, a stretch of desert, and hospitality.

That’s the reason why around 16 million visitors are recorded who come to Dubai for recreation, sightseeing, and leisure. If you are planning to visit Dubai, we have listed some must-visit places you cannot miss to go. So, go ahead and enjoy the read.

Can I travel to Dubai Post-Covid? 

Yes, UAE has resumed accepting Tourist Visa from many countries, including India. However, Covid-19 certification and travel insurance are mandatory for all travelers. The tourists must go through two COVID 19 PCR tests, one before boarding and the second after you arrive at Dubai Airport.

So, get yourself tested, and you are ready to fly to Dubai to create another holiday memory. Now let’s look at the places you can visit in Dubai. 

  • Burj Khalifa

The most popular architecture of a country becomes its identity; that’s what we see in Dubai. Burj Khalifa holds that importance in Dubai. Whenever we see this building, we know we are going to talk about Dubai, and it is worth it.  

Burj Khalifa is one of the tallest and most exotic buildings in the world. Its design is inspired by Islamic architecture. There are 124 floors; if you reach the top, you can see the beauty of the entire city. It is incredible to witness the beauty from afar and near. There is also a fountain inside the building with 6,600 lights projecting towards it.

  • Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah is the most beautiful man-made island ever seen. It was one of the most ambitious projects on the water and land of Dubai, and it came out to be successful. The island is actually the set of two artificial islands, namely Palm Jumeirah and Palm Jebel Ali. 

It replicated the palm tree, and it is, of course, one of the must-go places. If you plan to visit Dubai, you need to visit this wonderful place and get clicked.

  • Dubai Mall

If you are wondering why I have added a mall to the list, then I would say it’s Dubai, and anything is not average here. The Dubai Mall is, of course the biggest mall in Asia by area and capacity. It is exceptionally beautiful and iconic.

You can see the underwater zoo, the largest ice rink, Opera in this mall. It is a go-to place for shopping, dine-out, recreational activities, and just to relax and enjoy the beauty.

  • Burj Al Arab

If you want to experience royalty, then Dubai is the destination for you. Burj Al Arab is among the tallest tower on the globe. It is actually a high-end hotel that attracts people across countries.

It has 162 royal rooms with a helipad and an extravagant ambiance. And you won’t believe this interesting fact that there is a hospital for a turtle at Burj AL Arab. 

  • Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

The Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is undoubtedly one of the popular attractions in Dubai. It is thrilling and amazing to watch the view of a huge collection of endangered species. You will be amazed to see the splendid nature in a modern setting.

  • IMG Worlds of Adventure

You might have been to indoor amusement parks but visit Dubai to experience the world’s largest indoor parks. It holds a wide range of rides, adventure sports, haunted houses, and many more activities. 

It is a paradise for kids and adventurous adults. To visit this place, plan to fly to Dubai. Get your tickets from trusted travel ticket sites like via.com. If you book now, you can avail of great discounts using via.com offers. So don’t miss to visit this fun place with family. 

  • Desert Safari

The long stretch of desert was the drawback of the region, but Dubai has turned it into an amazing tourist destination. Now people can go on Desert Safari for desert adventure. This is a must-visit place in Dubai, and you should plan to go there once in a lifetime. So enjoy this value for money trip and barbecue under the night sky with friends and family. 

  • Dubai Garden Glow

If you think the glowing garden can only be found in fairytale books, this place will prove you wrong. Dubai Garden Glow is a unique garden concept that beautifully glows in the darkness. There are animal kingdoms, Mushroom Park, Underwater World, and so much more.

It attracts a multitude of people for the beautiful glowing experience that is, of course, surreal. This is some magic that is hard to explain in words. You can only experience it yourself.

For car-lovers, this spectacle in Dubai Harbour is an experiential event you shouldn’t miss. This super-gathering is an orgy of superyachts, supercars, and anything extravagant.

Drool over the McLarens, Aston Martin, and Bentleys in display and action. Filled with excellent surprises for those who love the finest things the world of luxury has to offer!


Dubai is a beautiful place that welcomes millions of tourists every year. Tourists worldwide rush here to experience extravagant lifestyles, amazing food, and fantastic locations. If you plan to visit Dubai post-Covid, I must tell you; it is safe to go.

So go through the blog and visit these handpicked places in Dubai with family and friends. If it is your first visit to Dubai, get ready to fall in love with this place and its people. I hope you enjoyed reading this blog.

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