Filing for divorce in Connecticut: Things to know!

Deciding on separating from your spouse is never an easy task. The entire process of filing for divorce can be overwhelming and daunting, and it may make sense to seek expertise of a lawyer. Working with one of experienced divorce lawyers Westport CT can make things more tolerable. In this post, we are sharing more on filing for divorce in and how a lawyer can help. 

Grounds for divorce

When it comes to divorces, Connecticut is a no-fault state. This means that one of the spouses can state that the marriage has broken down irretrievably as the ground for divorce. The judges, however, can consider if one spouse had a bigger role in breaking down the divorce. It is also important to mention that divorce and legal separation are two different options in Connecticut. In case of legal separation, the couple may choose to divide their properties, sort things like parenting plan and other issues, but they are not free to marry again. The process is the same as applying for divorce, but the outcome remains the same. However, if the same couple chooses to divorce at some point, the court can convert into a divorce. 

Hire an experienced family lawyer

‘Should I hire a lawyer for your divorce?’ That’s often one of the first questions that people want to know. While it is not mandatory for people to hire a lawyer for their divorce, it makes sense to have an experienced family lawyer by your side. Keep in mind that divorce is a complicated procedure, and if you have marital property and minor kids, there are many things that must be discussed in depth before the divorce is finalized. Even if you agree with your spouse on many things related to the divorce, it is still wise to have a lawyer, who will protect your rights and interests. A lawyer can help you with the paperwork and documentation, and if your spouse has drafted the divorce papers, your lawyer will help you evaluate and review the same. 

Finding an attorney

When it comes to divorce lawyers, you have to find someone who has been practicing in family law for years, and don’t shy away from asking questions when you meet an attorney for the first time. Although Connecticut is a no-fault state for divorce, there could be complications, and an experienced family lawyer would be able to resolve all your queries. 

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