Guide: Which Trampoline To Buy? Tips And Tricks

trampoline to buy

If you want to buy a trampoline, you have to think about a few points before you can make a meaningful decision. After all, the fun on the trampoline should last as long as possible. This article is about the following aspects:

  1. Which trampoline to buy: who should use the trampoline and in what way?

At this point, it is particularly important to think about whether the trampoline should primarily be used for (small) children, adolescents, and adults, visit here to see the latest small trampoline. Depending on the target group, there are different types of trampolines available in the market.

For children, there are special children’s trampolines, which are characterized in particular by extra padding and safety precautions. This includes, for example, inflatable trampolines or, optionally, bouncy castles.

For young users and adults, garden trampolines with corresponding weight and size restrictions or mini-trampolines and fitness trampolines are mainly suitable for home use. The weight restrictions specified by the manufacturer must be considered when purchasing.

Here, garden trampolines require a lot of space and definitely cannot be used in rooms due achieved jump heights. Mini trampolines and fitness trampolines are much smaller and are also suitable as indoor trampolines for use in the home.

a) Location and size

After it is clear who should use the trampoline, it must be definitely clarified where it can be set up. The mini and fitness trampolines can be used flexibly as indoor trampolines and can usually be stowed away well and easily. A feature that might be worth considering if you’re after the best kid’s trampoline for your house and family.

With garden trampolines, you will inevitably be confronted with the question of how big the trampoline should be? There are a few classic sizes to select from:

  • 250 cm diameter
  • 305 cm diameter
  • 400 cm diameter
  • 430 cm in diameter
  • 490 cm in diameter

Garden trampolines offer enough space to perform space-intensive jumps such as abdominal jumps with enough buffer space as a teenager/adult.

It’s a serious matter that the children do not fall off the trampoline immediately if they jump in an uncoordinated manner. Of course, they should still be supervised, especially in the event that the trampoline is not equipped with a safety net.

b) Security and equipment

In addition to the trampoline as a stand-alone device with the basic parts, there are other safety and equipment features that may or may not be integrated into the purchase. These primarily include:

  • Safety net – helps prevent trampoline jumpers, especially children, from falling off the trampoline when falling
  • Edge cover – prevents parts of the body from getting caught in the springs and cushions in the event of a fall
  • Ladder – optional climbing aid
  1. Which trampoline to buy: What quality standards should the trampoline meet?

Unfortunately, when looking at a trampoline, it is not always possible to determine high-quality or low-quality) trampoline. Since garden trampolines in particular are very space-intensive, they can hardly be viewed or tested in any sports shop.

In addition to sufficient stability and high-quality processing of the tubes, springs, eyelets and the jumping mat, which should be a purchase requirement for all trampolines, the following manufacturer information can be observed for longevity:

  • Hot-dip galvanized material – prevents premature rusting of the components (steel pipes, springs, eyelets on the jumping mat)
  • UV coating of the jumping mat – longer durability
  • Availability and costs of accessories and spare parts

A weak point about garden trampoline: the main components of the trampoline are galvanized and thus protected against rust. But, the eyelets on the jumping mat were unfortunately not and have therefore received significant traces of rust over time.

The trampoline still lasts (almost 10 years), but it will still be the last summer of this year before there will be a new purchase. Hence, the tip to consider during purchase: make sure that, in addition to the frame and the springs, the jumping mat eyelets are also hot-dip galvanized!

  1. Which trampoline to buy: how much can it cost?

In addition to the points already mentioned, the question – which trampoline should I buy? – Of course, the price plays a decisive role. Not everyone can afford a trampoline for $500. Clear! As is so often the case, it is important to find a trampoline with a very good price-performance ratio.

The component “performance” or “quality” should be given priority over a low-cost provider. Otherwise, the risk of injury is too high or the fun only lasts for one summer before investing again. True to the saying: if you buy cheap, you buy twice. But of course, you have to decide for yourself. Sometimes, of course, there are also inexpensive products for which the price-performance ratio is actually right.

What influences the price of the trampoline?

  • Type of Trampoline – Mini/fitness trampolines cost less than garden trampolines
  • Size of the trampoline – Larger garden trampolines usually cost more than smaller ones
  • Equipment – Frame cover, safety net, and ladder included in the scope of delivery can add to the price
  • Quality – of course, high-quality and durable products usually cost a little more
  • Brand name – the brand name can cost extra and does not necessarily have to be better than a no-name product

Depending on the requirements to be met for the purchase of a trampoline, price ranges from $30 for inflatable children’s trampolines or mini/fitness trampolines to $600 for garden trampolines with a diameter of 500 cm. In the case of garden trampolines, there are also many products with the most common sizes in the range of $100-300 primarily size-dependent).

  1. Better to buy a trampoline online or in a sports shop?

Last but not least, you have to consider whether you want to buy your dream trampoline online or offline. Of course, these are personal preferences. But since hardly any sports shop has a large selection of trampolines in stock and the packages are large and heavy, it makes sense to order the desired trampoline online – usually free of charge. If something is wrong, you can still make use of your right of withdrawal.


Once the decision has been made that a trampoline should be bought, there are a few points that can be considered. It must be clear what kind of trampoline it should be (type, size, weight restriction, safety components), which ultimately depends on who wants or should use it and how (toddlers/children/adolescents/adults, outside/inside, fun/explicitly for fitness/health).

Once you have clarified these requirements and identified the type of trampoline you want, including size requirements, etc., you can go on a precise search for the trampoline you want.

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