How Can You Make YouTube Thumbnails Using Image Converter?

Thumbnails are the previews that you see while searching for videos on YouTube. These images give you an overview of what the content is all about. Thumbnails are a significant factor in garnering views towards your videos or your channel. Image Converter is here to solve all your thumbnail issues. It will assist you effortlessly through image conversion. You will be able to convert jpg to pdf or any format for that matter with just a few clicks. Along with converting images, this tool will also help you in resizing and compressing them.

What Are The Requirements Of YouTube Thumbnails?

YouTube offers you the facility of auto-generating a thumbnail from the video you upload. Yet, you can also choose to set a customized one according to your needs and requirements.

The thumbnail you customize should fit the size measurements set by the video platform. According to YouTube, your custom made thumbnail should meet the following requirements.

  • It should be within 2MB, and not more.

  • It should be of the 16:9 aspect ratio.

  • Your thumbnail should belong to JPG, GIF, or PNG formats

  • It should be at least 640 pixels wide and have a 1280×720 resolution.

How Does Image Converter Help In Creating The Best Thumbnails For YouTube?

The Image Converter is emerging as one of the best among its counterparts. It offers you the convenience to transform images into the following formats:

  • WEBP

  • SVG

  • PNG

  • EPS

  • BMP

  • JPG

  • JPEG

  • PDF

In other words, converting images from jpg to png or jpg to png can be done smoothly and straightforwardly to create thumbnails for your YouTube videos. Also, it has a feature that enables to edit the images according to YouTube specifications, and it does not tamper with the quality of the file.

How Can You Convert Images With Image Converter?

I can assure you that you will love this tool because there are not many hassles involved. No added software is required; it is a free tool that functions online and is compatible with every web browser.

You can upload many files at once to work on them. It will save a lot of your time and increase your productivity simultaneously.

What Are The Steps To Convert An Image Into Thumbnails Of Required Format?

Step 1: Select the file or files you want to convert and upload them on Image Converter.

Step 2: Select the format you want your file to be converted in.

Step 3: Click ‘Convert.’

Step 4: After the process is over, click ‘Download.’

How To Resize And Edit Thumbnails With Image Converter?

You can resize the file after it has been converted to the format you had chosen. It is only a matter of a few clicks. The platform is fast and user-friendly.

You can opt for enlarging or shrinking the image, select background color, crop it, and again download it in a different format.

How Can You Compress Your Thumbnail?

  1. Select and Upload the image.

  2. Choose the size you prefer.

  3. Adjust the height and width settings.

  4. Pick background color, if you wish to.

  5. Download the image.


You might have already determined that you are going for Image Converter for all your image editing needs, and I must tell you it is the right choice. You will not regret your decision.

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