How do I check my Twitter history?

check my Twitter history

If you log into your own Twitter account you can see the information that includes your personal email address, phone numbers, username in your account and also account creation details will also be displayed. Profile details, gender and birthday details are also included in this information list here you can also correct and updated information in your account details at any time.

If you have logged into your account history you can easily view your past history details and as well as the particular places you have been using the Twitter.

You also have the option of view in mobile devices and browsers that are associated with your account and also you can check the apps that are connected to your Twitter personal account. Including this you can also verify the accounts that you have blocked and also you can verify muted accounts in your account activity.

In this particular application you can see the interest of the Twitter partner and you can create your own current device that helps to improve the experience of the Twitter for example you can also show the better content that includes notification recommended tweets maybe of your home timeline.

How can you find twitter data?

  • Twitter data can be easily found by logging into the Twitter application, just when you click your profile icon that is placed on the top right corner of the navigation bar.
  • And then the page will be displayed in that you can select privacy and settings that is placed in the dropdown menu.
  • From that mean you just click your own Twitter data account.
  • And then enter your personal password and confirm the details and click enter.

Suppose if you don’t have the Twitter account you can open a fresh Twitter account by using the official website from that you can easily access the data which are available with personalized settings in the form that you can easily access the data which are available with personalized settings in the Twitter data.

Is it called a twitter feed or timeline?

Twitter language creates a new type of slang that is explained in plain English by using Twitter dictionary and there are lots of words that are included with acronyms in which you can easily understand. If you have a Twitter account you can easily mark your favorite messages and the people who are following the tweets can easily cancel your favorites by different two ways that are accomplished as your wish.

How does the Twitter timeline work?

Twitter timeline works as a different stream in which you can choose your own account easily to follow on the page Twitter the suggested information is also provided with variety of signals.

Latest tweets can be viewed on the top of tweet list which will be appeared in your timeline. This takes more advantage and most care to choose the interaction based upon the account that can be easily engaged to determine the instructions.

The summary of your interesting tweets can be easily seen in the labels suppose if you have missed it and you can easily promote the tweet in your timeline. In Addition you can easily identify the instructions that is added in your timeline by using bookmark features.

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