How is Web Design Different from that of Graphic Design?

Most of us are aware of the similarities of web design and graphic design, like- both require knowledge of graphics, designing principles, and typography. But, the truth is that graphic and web design are different when it comes to the areas of expertise. Graphic designers are only concerned about the print, whereas web designers are concerned about websites and also work on programming. Below down are listed some of the differences:


For instance, both web design and graphic design focuses on showing beautiful visuals, but a web design is more interactive than a graphic designer. Whether you are going through a children’s textbook or a magazine, compared to the digital counterparts, printed materials are likely to be less interactive. A web designer may collaborate with a graphic designer for elements like iconography and topography, which he or she will fit together for the completion of an interactive design. A web designer works on offering maximum user experience by working on the CTA button, navigational elements, and many others. On the other hand, graphic designers consider “viewers” rather than the “users”. Even if the skill sets are the same, up to a certain point, a decent web designer focuses on usability and online interactivity.

Loading time and file sizes:

The worst nightmare of a web designer can be the enormously large file sizes. Indeed, web designing is mostly about aesthetics and creative ideas. But, the optimizations also need to be considered. Opt for a reputed web design agency for designing and development purposes. Graphic elements like motion graphics, images, and animations must be appealing and alluring. But, these elements need to be small enough so that they can load swiftly on every device or gadget. If the content is a slow loading one, it may lead to a lot of bounce rates because of the filthy user experience. Thus, the loading time needs to be minimized to stabilize the user experience. On the other hand, a graphic designer cares about file sizes only if they are trying to fit a massive banner into a small spot.

Typography hurdles:

A graphic designer enjoys the benefit of using any kind of font without worrying about how it will look in the final stage. All they need is a worthy printer. But, the web designers need to consider how the piece will look on various screens and in various browsers. Thus, a web designer not only needs to be creative but also needs to work on various optimization procedures to make sure that the final art is reaching every online audience in one piece. Thus, web designing requires robust applications that will offer wider choices in font styles and will provide an extended typography palette for creativity. The graphic design also requires effort but not up to that extent.

Application of designs:

Graphic designers work on some particulars or as per specifications. All they do is make a square peg that will fit a single square hole. Whereas, an efficient web designer will work on the creation of a peg that will fit any hole, irrespective of any shape or size, without stuffing or fracturing the design. The scale needs to be considered in web designing. The other visual elements like images and typography will get scaled-down or up with the size of the screen. The objective is to make all three elements readable and to offer an excellent UX on every device. Graphic designers, on the other hand, are mostly confined by the size of the canvas.


Both graphic design and web design are visual mediums, and they both focus on representing visual communications. They are both dependent on the harmony of the visual elements to narrate a story. Just the disciplines and the field of expertise are different from one another.


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