How to find a suitable HealthTech Software Development Company?

The situation in the world in the last 2 years has changed significantly, certainly in the development of the HeathTech modern solutions sector. After experiencing the coronavirus pandemic, people value safe and affordable access to healthcare. The effect of these activities is a noticeable increase in digital activities by companies and startups in the IT industry.

The situation in the world in the last 2 years has changed significantly, certainly in the development of the HeathTech modern solutions sector. After experiencing the coronavirus pandemic, people value safe and affordable access to healthcare. The effect of these activities is a noticeable increase in digital activities by companies and startups in the IT industry.

In 2024, global medical technology sales are expected to be around $ 600 billion. There are many solutions to medical problems based on economic feasibility. To this end, companies should identify the main trends and problems related to the digital transformation in the healthcare market on an ongoing basis, while designing clinical and medical digital solutions.

Bespoke HealthTech software is created using health management technology. The effect of such activities is the improvement of the level of human health through the use of monitoring and preventive techniques. Examples include wearable devices, remote monitoring, or telemedicine.

Such digital solutions allow you to archive and analyze data on the health status of patients with the help of basic indicators, thanks to which it is possible to optimize the daily treatment or health care plan. With the help of such solutions, comprehensive IT solutions are created, offering a full range of services. If you want to create a new HealtchTech product, extend the functionality of an existing platform or increase the security of database storage, it will be best to use the services of a software company. This article will learn how to choose the right software house.

HealthTech development

The healthcare application industry was a successful and deliberately profitable software development sector until recently. However, it has been verified during the coronavirus pandemic, revealing the level of underfunding and overburdening of medical care worldwide. Therefore, it turned out to be necessary to invest in this technology to avoid similar situations in the future. A digital revolution has begun, trying to fight the current problems.

Digitization offers many new opportunities in the healthcare context, such as financial security, greater savings, efficiency, and management. The first step for an organization that aspires to be a healthcare application is to identify exactly what it is trying to achieve. You must choose the appropriate technology to apply to improve the entire operation. When large organizations work together with small businesses, technology can improve many aspects of human health.

The application of healthcare to improve the level of care for patients has great potential. Currently, there are many programs and applications of this type on the market. One of the most important aspects when creating them is choosing the right software and adapting it to your company’s requirements. We can list a few of these popular medical programs:

  • Telemedicine (communication software, e.g. remote appointments, remote monitoring),
  • Data management(integration and data analytics, e.g. digital documentation, Big Data),
  • IoT(internet of things, e.g. blood pressure watches, sleep monitors),
  • PRM(patient relationship management, e.g. medical CRM, patient portals),
  • EHR and EMR(electronic health records, e.g. e-prescriptions and doctor’s recommendations, lab integration).

Key elements of software development

When deciding on a product or service, then you should familiarize yourself with the most important elements of medical software development. The development process can take time to develop, so it’s worthwhile to spend some time understanding the healthcare industry.

Target Group

 Determining whom your product is aimed at can greatly contribute to your success. You need to consider how your product will impact the medical community and patient involvement.

First, you need to define the identity of the users who use your software, especially if they come from different sources. Service providers must strive to improve their services and thus personalize the healthcare experience as each patient has a personal and unique story.


Safety should always be a priority, as you will likely be dealing with confidential and sensitive patient data regarding their health. Cybersecurity and data protection regulations should be a safeguard that will convince companies to create systems where security is the most important aspect. For patients and users, safety is seen as a sense of trust that gives them comfort when sharing information about their health.

Data protection

This point collaborates strongly with safety. Strength control must apply to patient data. Several regulations apply, e.g. in the EU – the RODO regulations, in the USA – HIPAA regulations, and medical regulations, which may pose some obstacles for developers, which makes it necessary to design a more precise code. The company ordering the development of the product must be aware of these regulations and data security requirements, giving the possibility of data encryption or anonymization.


Applications from the MedTech category are not self-sufficient applications, as they usually connect with various other applications, services, or systems. When releasing new MedtTech software, it is worth focusing on solving a specific problem related to a specific group of people. The product must be scalable. In the future, it may be necessary to increase its capacity or automate some processes.

Finding the right software development partner

To create custom software for healthcare services, it is necessary to find an appropriate development team. Thanks to cooperation with an IT partner, you can save time, energy, and resources, as well as design the perfect version of a digital product that will support your business activities and the promotion of your company. Learn the steps to find the right agency:

Use the recommendations of trusted companies

If you run your own business, you have contacts among your business partners and the industry. It’s a good idea to ask them to review companies they’ve worked with before. You can also verify opinions and ratings on known B2B platforms. One of the places recommended for this is Clutch, where you can find HeathTech experts and potential partners. The criteria described there will allow the software development company to match your region, company size, industry knowledge or hourly rates, and project sizes.

Verify the portfolio of the selected company

You can verify the portfolio and website using, for example, Linkedin. Getting to know your potential partner’s current career path may help you understand their past experiences. Such action also allows checking the approach to work and solve the problems encountered, it is critical. You can also check the available technology stack and experience in your industry. You have the opportunity to check whether the company can offer you technologies tailored to your needs. You must remember to assess the company’s credentials and data security requirements before starting cooperation.

Join the community

You don’t have to be afraid of participating in technical events. Recently, many of them have moved to the internet due to the covid-19 pandemic. This is the perfect opportunity to match your partner without ever having to meet, no matter where you are. This option will allow you to talk to experts, get acquainted with the offer, and reduce the number of necessary meetings.

Finding the Best Solutions for HealthTech app development

HealthTech companies, which focus on digital transformation, have a better chance to beat the competition and provide people with appropriate medical care. It is important to select the right software development services for healthcare technology in order to be able to ensure a high level of security and commercial value. Collaboration with new technologies and innovative ways offer cost-effective solutions. There are many agencies open to modern ideas and solving complex development challenges, an example of which is Applover – a software agency from Wroclaw.

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