How to Fix Outlook Email Sync Issues like a Pro?

If you are having some problems while trying to synchronize your Outlook, there are many ways to fix it like a pro. These problems happen sometimes when the PST or OST files get updated because when you are using the outlook to send or receive emails, documents, or any files are updated it will also do it in the exchange server.

In other words, everything you do to an email in Outlook will also happen on the exchange server of Microsoft. The problems with the sync happen when this process is interrupted because of many factors like loss of connectivity that causes your emails to not synchronize successfully.

Another of the major reasons that cause this kind of problem is when the amount of outlook data is huge because the sync process can stop due to a huge OST file. When this happens, you will not be able to use Outlook to send or receive any email so you need to fix it quickly so it will not suffer more damage.

To avoid further damage in your outlook, we recommend you to follow all the steps listed below so you will know exactly how to fix your email sync issues like a pro when you are suffering from a corrupt Outlook.

Before solving any Outlook sync problem, there is something that you must know

One of the chief things that you can do before checking if you have a sync problem is to convert the OST file to PST using any of the online tools that toy can find and then back up all the folders and data from your Outlook.

Another thing that you should do is to check if the OST is correctly synced with the Microsoft exchange server, for this you should do the next process.

The first thing you must do is open the Outlook and press the right-click over any data in your folders like inbox, sent, etc. Then, select properties and look for synchronization and click on it. A tab will display, and there you must find statistics for this folder.

Once you have done that, check all the information and stats of the last synced data to see if they are recent or are not. If you see that it is not recent, you should follow the other fixing methods.

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Many ways to solve your sync problems in Outlook

There are many paths that you can step on while trying to fix your outlook sync problems, let’s see some of them.

Change your profile settings

You should pay attention to the number of items in both the server folder and the offline folder, is the number is the same that will show that your sync is ok. However, if the number is different in both of the folders, you can try to fix it by changing the profile settings.

For this, you should open outlook and then click in the File tab, once there press the account settings, and open Data Files. See if the Mailbox or the account name is marked as default. If it is not, make it as default and after that click the email tab and go to the account name or mailbox to change it.

Make sure that the use cached exchanged mode is activated and proceed to click ok, then save all the changes by clicking on close, so you will exit the account settings panel. At last, check that all the changes are saved by closing and reopening outlook.

How to resync Outlook folders

If you want to re-sync your entire folder, you can do it easily; this can be the main key to fix many problems for the outlook synchronizing.

For this, open your Outlook and click on Tools, and once there, select options. In the options box, you must click on the mail setup and see if the send immediately when connected box in the send or receive section is marked. Then in this same tab click on Perform an automatic send/receive when existing.

Wait for the process to finish and then click the close button to exit this place and at last pick OK. With this method, you will fix the major part of the problems because of a corrupt Outlook.

Decide to empty this important folder

If you tried the methods above, and they were not useful, you can empty the sync issues / local failures folder in your mail. However, this can be tricky because you will not see it unless you make it visible, so we will tell you how to do that.

First, you must click on the Folder list icon, you can find this one in the bottom-left part of your screen when you have outlook open. Then under all the outlook items, find the one called sync issues folder and press the + button to expand the multiple options these are called conflicts, local failures, and server failures.

At last, delete all the content of the sync issues folder, selecting all the messages and exiting outlook when you finish.

Fix the OST file

If everything else has failed, this means that you have an OST file that is not working correctly. To fix this, you need to create a new OST file and then re-sync all the folders and messages.

To avoid this corrupt Outlook problem, you will need to rename the original OST file, create a new one, and sync the .pst file with the exchange server mailbox. By following these steps, you will fix all the outlook sync issues.

You can always make a new OST file but you will lose everything in your folders so it is not advisable what you can do is try to fix the original one and avoid all those problems.

As you can see, there are many things that you can do to fix a corrupt outlook try with all the solutions mentioned above and feel like a pro.

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