How to Promote Employee Career Advancement in Your Organization

What are you doing to help your employees advance in their careers?

If you’re anything like most employers, not much! This is probably why a 2021 global study found that 75 percent of workers are feeling stuck in their professional and personal lives.

While there isn’t much you can do about your employees’ personal lives; you do have a powerful influence over their professional lives. There isn’t a shortage of strategies you can implement to support employee career advancement in your workplace.

Eager to learn more? We’re sharing ways you can promote their professional development.

Promote from Within

As your organization grows, there’ll be room for senior positions. You might have a strong urge to bring in experienced managers from outside – and there are good reasons for that – but there’s a cost.

If such positions are filled by outsiders every time, your current employees will feel you don’t trust them. This can lead to low morale and productivity.

Promoting from within not only demonstrates the trust you have in your team but is also an effective way to support employee growth. Most of your workers will feel they have an opportunity to climb the corporate ladder in your organization.

Provide Job

Job training is important to your employees, so much that over 70 percent are willing to undergo training outside their work hours. Yet, the vast majority of organizations don’t provide or provide inadequate employee training.

If you’re one of these organizations, you’re not just jeopardizing your employees’ competence and productivity. You’re also working against their career advancement prospects.

When a worker is properly and regularly trained, they’ll develop the right occupational skills to do their job. This makes them better prepared to take on senior roles once the opportunity arises.

So, if you aren’t training your employees, what prevents them from thinking it’s because you don’t have any job growth plans for them?

Support Their Education

Although job training upskills employees, it doesn’t replace higher education. There’s a reason some jobs require an associate degree and others require advanced degrees and professional training.

This brings us to yet another way to promote employee development. Support their quest for higher learning.

If your organization has the budget, you can design a tuition-assistance program. The cost of getting a college education is prohibitive for more people, so paying for your employees’ education will have a profound impact on their careers.

Another option is to enter into partnerships with local colleges. Depending on the nature of the partnership, employees who enroll could be entitled to various benefits, such as tuition discounts. find more information here about how such partnerships can help.

Career Advancement Is Good for Everyone

Investing in employee career advancement might seem like a bad thing since employees can leave your organization at any time. But as we’ve demonstrated, both parties stand to benefit. Use these strategies to support the professional development of your people.

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