How to Recover Multiple Corrupted RAR Files in Batch

RAR Files are often used to archive data owing to their superior compression rate. However, you may encounter situations where several RAR files may get corrupted at once. In this article, we look at using the DataNumen RAR Repair application to extract the contents from multiple corrupted RAR archives in one go. 

In recent years the popularity of the RAR archive format has gone from strength to strength. A file format that had long been the preserve of developers and advanced users is now used by average computer users. The capacity to compress more data in a single archive than other peers is a big draw for many users. While others simply adore the fact that RAR files can quickly be created and unpacked. The format is often used by many to compress several audio files or large data files together. In many college communities, students love to store their data in RAR files. The format still garners attention with folks interested in distributing software and hosting data on file servers. Since in many of these cases, multiple RAR files are used, any incidence of data corruption can lead to corruption of several RAR files at one go. 

Causes behind Corruption of Multiple RAR Files at one go

When multiple RAR files are kept at the same place, for example on a removable USB drive or even on a Web Host; any error during the transfer process can corrupt the files. Moreover, the data present in storage media too is vulnerable to corruption from a range of issues like excessive heat to electromagnetic interference. In some cases, system crashes can make the data present on hard drives that contain the RAR files inaccessible. That apart viruses are known to compromise file systems and corrupt archive files. 

Run DataNumen RAR Repair to Get Back Data from Multiple Compromised RAR Files in Batch

If you have several RAR files to recover after an incident of data corruption, you should rely on a tool that is known to give assured results. The DataNumen RAR Repair application offers the highest recovery rate and is capable of extracting data from humungous archive files. The best part about this fabulous software is its batch recovery mode. It allows you to select all the corrupted RAR files at once and then recover them altogether. The tool does an excellent job of extracting the contents in terms of speed and efficacy. 

If RAR Archives is Part of your Backup Strategy – Do Keep a Contingency Plan in Place

In several small businesses, RAR archive files are been used to store backup data. This is also a common practice with developers, designers, and several other IT professionals. Often lacking the resources to invest in professional backup software, some small firms and individuals rely on the flexibility of the RAR format to regularly backup their data. Developers love the fact that their project files, often running into hundreds can be quickly bundled in RAR archives within minutes. The RAR file format can be used to create spanned files which makes it a great solution for storing several GBs of data across multiple optical drives. In case you are using RAR files for backup, then it would be prudent of you to keep the DataNumen RAR Repair application handy. This tool can be quickly deployed to recover any corrupted RAR files immediately and thus keep your backed up archive files accessible even after any incidents of data corruption.  

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