How to Track an Android Phone without beingCaught

Reason to track other people’s phones:

  1. Lookout for your children

It is the 21st century and children are more prone to having their way at life. Sometimes, children miscalculate the threat they are in until they are in it too deep to get out. Now, with the help of a phone tracking application, you can keep a check as to where they are.

Or – you can teach them to have a strong individuality and not follow the masses over the hill. Build an emotional bond strong enough for them to text you to come and get them in case of any sort of an emergency. But then again, they cannot text you if they are kidnapped, right?

It is a tricky statement to ponder over … the whole situation, actually. Let us end it by saying that since you are the guardian of a child you should ‘not’ invade their privacy yet be on a lookout for them to avoid any sort of a bad situation. You can also use a good internet connection like Spectrum to add your children on their social media profiles either with your own identities or as someone else to make them feel comfortable posting whatever they want. Having such a reliable connection is also beneficial in terms of seeking help, you may contact Spectrum customer serviceat any time of the day in case of any emergency.   

2. Catch that cheating biscuit of a spouse!

Honestly, I am at a loss of words when I think if it is morally okay too, actually, track someone’s phone without their permission. I would not like that but then again – if someone is cheating on me then I might as well just know!

If you feel like someone you love doesn’t love you back enough – better just leave them then being insecure constantly. However, if your heart wants to prove or if you are just plain old paranoid – track their phones. Know where they are despite what they say to you. Catch them red-handed!

3. Are your employees not very trustworthy? Don’t worry

Can’t always keep a check on your employees because of those meetings or calls?

Have offices all over the world or country? Can’t be everywhere at the same time, right?

It gets difficult to keep a check on everyone once the business booms up to a level or two. There are too many people and too little time to make sure everyone is sweating their daily wage hours’ as they should be. Who knows which branch might end up partying all the time and being reciprocated to the allotted duties only when you are there, right?

For starters, if their work is done and nothing gets stacked up into backlogs – it is totally okay … let them breathe. However, if they are contributing to the lack of productivity and RGUs – track them. You’re giving them money to work – not walk around the park.

4. Catch that perp!

Whether the suspect is truly honest about their whereabouts or are they trying to fish their way out of the situation is impossible to know … however, you can track their moves after you hint them that you are onto them. A perp is sure either to make arrangements for running away or to handle the situation.

Catch him or her before they have their way!

How to track an Android Phone?

  1. Tracking Apps

There are a number of tracking apps out there for you to use for this very purpose. Now, there might be some of them which won’t work but such apps do exist. You’ll just have to dig in a bit to be sure about which one is the most suitable for you. Here’s a list to make it a bit easier for you;

  • Family Locator
  • Glympse
  • GPS Logger
  • GPS Phone Tracker
  • Safe365
  • Spyera

2. Google up your game

You can google your way through this task as well!

If you are unable to trust or find a good enough app – you can always use google. However, for this technique, you require the target’s phone in your possession. Once you have the phone, follow the steps below (assuming you know the password or have the phone unlocked somehow);

  • Download the Google Maps app to the phone
  • Open the menu by clicking on it and then on location sharing
  • Choose the ‘Share your real-time location until you turn this off’ option
  • Share it to your phone
  • Viola – you’re in!

3. Family Plans

A number of mobile companies also offer such plans for the whole family to know where a family member might be, in case of an emergency.

4. MIC Bug

You can also go for surround monitoring and download the MIC Bug app. It can help you take control of the target’s phone partially. You can record sounds and conversations with the help of this app. Moreover, you can also take over the front and back camera by using the Spyvidcam Bug. Other such apps also exist if these are not compatible with your mobile phone.

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