Intelligent usage of SmartPhone Keyboards

Intelligent usage of SmartPhone Keyboards to derive tangible value for money.

Human intellect invented and developed the technologies to change our life to its best and that technology is now changing our lifestyle day in and day out. Technology is now encroaching inside everyone targeting human blood and emotions. Take, for instance, the robots which are our new human model and for sure, only robots would control this world.

Applications like artificial Intelligence, cloud computing, machine learning, predictive analytics, and other business intelligence tools are used in business for creating innovative methods to conduct, operate, and manage the business. 

With smartphones becoming common globally and a growing proportion of Internet access now done via mobile broadband, drastic changes have taken place in the networking of wireless communication. 

In general, discussing technological changes may not be that noteworthy as it is an endless topic so let us restrict ourselves to one specific field which has undoubtedly become a part and parcel of our life. i.e., mobile phones. The benefit of mobile communication is that it is the fastest, easiest, and quickest technique to converse.

The history behind the transition from wired communication to wireless communication is quite fascinating. The incredible journey which was once never thought of has become a reality. The giant leap revolution has not only reached the massive population with a bang but also helped to garner enough knowledge to manipulate the technology to their benefit. 

From basic cell phones to touch phones to the latest iPhones and Android smartphones on which much attention is placed days, the device has undergone a complete transformation. However, a few prefer basic cell phones as they are primarily concerned only to stay connected with friends, family, and colleagues.

Now the question is how intelligently we use our Smart Phones to derive maximum benefits and real value for money. 

Due to the increase in the pace of life, most people despite possessing high-end models, hardly think how to use the cellphones smartly and it just remains either as a basic communicating device or an icon of prestige.

Technological advances may be a possible excuse for the collective sense of urgency. ‘Now’ has become the new yesterday, in the present world. As a consequence, we are left time-crunched, stressed out and overwhelmed. We continue to pound the path in a furious race to our imaginary finish line, despite the rise in stress-induced illness.

Whenever we feel hurried, we should think of the story in which the tortoise plodding along at a sustainable pace wins the race against his rabbit friend. So, why are we racing toward an imaginary finish line?

Life is short, let us explore the possibilities of how to stop worrying, live cheerfully, and make others happy. One of the best ways to attain this objective is by utilizing the best technology available to feel and make others elated. 

In the process, pioneering mobile phone keyboards play a pivotal role by not only keeping the user in a relaxed mood but also building a healthy relationship with all our contacts. The default keyboard in any of the mobile phone has its own limitation. However, downloadable keyboards with regional flavor have proved successful in such endeavors. This feedback and reviews of these keyboards are very encouraging. 

To name a dominant one for the present, Malayalam keyboard. This keyboard is available for free with no upgrades or in-app purchases and makes your conversation interesting and fun. It’s an inconceivable Malayalam keyboard online that helps us to keep our beloved ones pleased and sprightly using all its innovative features. The application utilizing its AI innovation immediately adjusts to your composing style and obliges your composing needs a lot. With that in mind, it’ll help your effectiveness, improve your associations with your friends and family, and fill you with a feeling of satisfaction that may appear to be strange to you as of now.

Furthermore, that is only a hint of something larger.

Likewise, without a doubt, the Malayalam console application is a genius with aiding real correspondence and giving our Malayalam discussions a more normal stream.

It is true that we cling to our default consoles that came pre-stacked with our Android smartphones and are so habituated to it that we don’t even think of exploring the smarter ones out there. Assuming this is the case, let me describe a few of the amazing features that I personally love in this Malayalam Keyboard.

  • Flips the substance you type to Malayalam by typing in Malayalam/Manglish or deciphering from Malayalam to English.
  • The all-new pictographs convey premium quality, out of box impact and pass on our sensible feelings with Stickers, Fonts, and Themes and with no trade-off.
  • Talk and the console types for you using the voice to message highlight
  • Switch reliably among Malayalam and English using AI advancement.
  • Fun stickers of yourself and your companions, with the animation head, work with simply a selfie or an image.
  • Grandstand your emotions with piles of emojis, emoticons, and Malayalam stickers

Enough said, let the app do the talking now. 

Go download the Manglish keyboard app and see for yourself how the keyboard could transmute your Malayalam conversations more interesting, emotionally joyful, and meaningful.

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