Is Accounting A Good Career Choice?

Accounting may not seem like the coolest career option when you are a teenager at high school but it is one of the most stable professions there is. Here you can see some of the reasons why accounting is still a good career choice and a few negatives to balance it out. 

Dying professions

There are many professions or career choices that in the past were seen as glamorous, fun or just a solid choice. However with the advent of the internet and other technology many traditional and common roles have disappeared. Accountancy isn’t one of them. There is at most a 1% drop in this field. 

Some professions to avoid are travel agents, casino cashiers, on-site IT workers, floral designers and postal workers are all being hit right now and expected to be less needed in future. This is because of differing reasons but mostly because of technology and the internet. People pay bills online hence less post. People book holidays online so no need for a high street travel agent. People buy flowers online so there is less need for a flower shop. 

There is employment available

With some career options they are already saturated with too many workers looking for jobs. The internet had millions of people deciding to be designers, coders and heading off to university to study. The result? Loads of unemployed designers and coders or at best, unpaid interns.

Accountancy is still an accessible career option. To give some proof that Australia still holds accountants as one of the skilled jobs that can help you migrate down under. 

You can make good career progress

Just as you can get into accountancy, you can also move up. From being an accountant there are further opportunities such as financial analyst and later CFO (Chief Financial Officer). 

Good salaries

The average salary in the US is around $50,000 but this changes with further education and new skills. Adding budget management and financial analysis will add dollars to your salary. 

It isn’t going to disappear

As already mentioned it isn’t likely to be removed by technology any time soon. Businesses and individuals need to do tax returns. These are sometimes extremely complex and could not be left to someone untrained to work out on an app. 

Allows you to move into other fields

Finance is the backbone of any business. The point of business is generally to make money so accountants are important. With progress it is possible for accountants to move up and join the board of directors or go into another area that requires similar skills such as organisational and business management expertise. 

How do you become an accountant?

Your accounting career typically begins with a bachelor’s degree in accounting or business finance, often followed by a master’s or doctorate at a public or private accounting school. Although there are several specialties in the general field of accounting, including accountants, auditors, tax consultants and financial analysts, the career path of accounting usually follows the path of a finance or accounting professional. There is no need to purchase a license as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or to operate public accounting. If you are in a state that does not require experience in public accounting, private accounting can be a good choice for you.

All in all, accounting is still a very practical and sought-after career choice that offers a mix of financial and lifestyle benefits. An accounting MBA can prepare students for a stable career, no matter what career you choose after studying. 


Accounting is not just counting beans as some people think. It is a progressive career with constant growth and learning. Having accountancy qualifications means you can work in all manner of fields. It doesn’t matter if it is entertainment, global dot coms or health and human rights. They all need accountants.

It is an ethical profession with integrity and you will be trusted to make decisions. Accountants don’t just count numbers, they have to make tough business decisions and advise senior management which paths to take to make the company or project successful.

If you are unsure of what career to take then you could consider an accounting job, because money is the driving force behind the American economy and accounting, like many jobs, is a profession that is considered safe during a recession. As we have seen in 2020 the unexpected can happen and when it does it can leave many millions of people without work and an unstable future. Certain professions will always be around.afhr

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