Lucifer Season 5 On Netflix – Everything you need to know about its release

Lucifer Season 5

Lucifer has been one of the most astounding shows on Netflix. The main motif of this show is to bring the work of Hell to the Devil. The 4th season was quite popular among the masses and thus, the 5th season seems to be awaiting really soon. As the Lucifer season 4 came to an end, we did see that the King of Hell decides to return back to the Hell in its final scene of the season. There, we did see that Lucifer was sitting on the throne of the Hell. Fans are waiting to see what’s there in this upcoming season and now it would be really exciting to see what’s more to unfold in the upcoming season.

Lucifer Season 5 Release Date:

Lucifer Season 5 would officially launch in the spring of 2020 and that had been the former plan of the series. However, witnessing the present scenario, we don’t have much hope and we don’t see that it won’t be possible as of now. Lucifer season 5 would launch in basically two parts. One run would consist of 8 parts, wherein the first part would launch during the late 2020. On the other hand, we would be expecting the 2nd part to launch by 2021.

Lucifer season 5: Updates

As per the reports, we got to know that the team has already filmed its 15th episode and it is now heading to film the 16th session. The closure was announced and everything was compelled to shut down without a second choice. We are now waiting to see the first half of the season being filmed. Editing is being expected to be skipped as of now, for that could be done later on too!

Will Lucifer come up with another season?

Although there is no official declaration about the season 6 coming up, there are tumors about it. Thus, we can expect to see Lucifer rolling up with a 6th season sometimes sooner. The 5th season was so far considered to be the last season of the show. Well, we are hoping to see the renewal of this 6th season as of now. We would probably receive an official update about the same post the launch of the 5th season. Let’s see what’s ahead!

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