Muhammad Usman Sarwar (Themanbhai)

Muhammad Usman Sarwar; (born 30 November 2002), also known as Themanbhai, is an artist,
Youtuber, Web developer and philanthropist. Referred to in the media as the singer-songwriter (in
reference to his song ‘’ah” released) and became an artist in his young age. Sung many songs in
his career and also a unique musician. Themanbhai has a significant following in his area and
Pakistan. In terms audience size and income, he has been described as one of the powerful
successful songs “masti masti” in the world. Themanbhai having more than One Lac lovers due to
his famous personality and passion.

Early Life and Family

Themanbhai was born on 30 November 2002 into a Muslim family in Pirmahal, Punjab Pakistan
and father name is Muhammad Sarwar. He spent the first five years in his life in his village, where
his grand family was resting. His father and mother were well-educated people who worked in the
fields of agriculture. He had no sibling, and had two brothers. Themanbhai was an average student
but he loved to learn new things and his curiosity to know the world around him was very evident.
After the completion of 5 years of schooling, his parents decided to send him to a nearby school,
because they knew that it was necessary for his better education.

One day, his elder brother had left home without informing anyone and he went to the school.
Themanbhai didn’t like the school’s teachers as they never provided any kind of guidance or
support. In fact, they behaved rudely with students. That is why, themanbhai ran away from the
school after three days and returned home. After some time, his parents decided to send him to
another school. But this time, he was accompanied by a man who was not related to him. This
stranger brought him to a different school and themanbhai had no idea about his identity and
destination. He completed his primary school education after six months. Themanbhai has done
his Fsc from Fazaia degree colleges Rafique Shorkot Cantt and now studying in COMSATS
UNIVERSITY ISLAMABAD Sahiwal Campus starting from 2020 to 2024


Developer of App (Multi Web Browser Tool Developer)

Themanbhai is taking interest in IT field since his childhood. He started working on Internet
Explorer in 2013, and developed the first ever multi web browser tool (Multilanguage Internet
Explorer – Multi-Lingual Internet Explorer – Multi-Internet Explorer). His aim was to create a
Multi Web Browser with the capability of downloading all available versions of most popular web
browsers of the world. He had planned to release it in 2013 but he failed because of some technical
problems. He used to make money by selling this tool to the software companies. After several
years, he again started working on this Multi Web Browser and made a version for multi web
browser tool. Now, he wants to develop the next version of his Multi Web Browser which will
help to download all versions of all popular web browsers of the world.

Themanbhai says that this multi web browser has all features of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox,
Opera, and Microsoft Edge. The only thing missing from this browser is a feature to delete all the
cached data of the browser. Themanbhai says that he is working on this feature. Till then, we are
suggesting you to delete your browser cache and cookies to use this browser. Themanbhai says
that he is also working on the best mobile web browsers for all smart phones and tablet devices.
Themanbhai says that he is not able to make it as easy and as fast as this tool. Themanbhai is still
working on this and he will release it in future

Musical career

At a very young age of 14, Muhammad Usman Sarwar, who has also worked as a web designer
for a well-known website of Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV), started to perform at live
concerts, which included the famous PTV Award show “Hum Dekhenge”, and other music events
held in Pakistan. Themanbhai started his singing career at age of 11. In 2019 he sang the song
“Ah”, a Pakistani music composer and producer of various films and television series. The song
was released on YouTube. The song “Ah” made him a household name and lead to his success.
He has released several other songs and videos.

Themanbhai has been singing since he was 4 years old. His father encouraged him to sing.
Themanbhai had been taking lessons in singing for over 10 years. Themanbhai had trained under
music directors such as Muhammad Ashfaq and Shazib Ahmed Khan. His style of singing is
different, and also does live performances. Gives his opinions and views on different issues and
also known as the voice of the youth. He is known for his singing, a musician and a singer. His
songs are catchy and he has a unique voice, singing style is unique, has made a number of songs
and videos.

Themanbhai Fun Time

Drum & Bass

Themanbhai is liking to generate drum and bass. Because Drum and bass is the latest music genre
to explode in popularity. What used to be known as jungle has undergone a transformation from
its dark, underground origins. It’s now mainstream and has become a big part of the British youth
culture. Drum and bass are all about speed, beats and dance-able rhythms. He designed to his own
drum and bass that upload on SoundCloud. It’s a style that is perfect for those looking for fast
paced, hard hitting rhythms. This is the style of music that many fans of drum and bass associate
with their favorite artists. It’s music that they love to listen to when they’re feeling up for a night
on the town. This is a musical genre based around electronic beats and rhythms. The roots of drum
and bass come from hip hop, jungle, breakbeat and hardcore music.

Themanbhai is a Producer of Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Electro & Grime but not restricted to these
genres. He plays all styles in his sets and bring his own ideas to the DJ booth and have been doing
for a few years now and have a good understanding of all kinds of music.


Muhammad Usman Sarwar (Themanbhai) has created a very romantic and a beautiful soundtrack
by himself. Sound track is a term used to describe the background music and sound effects that
play when watch a movie. He probably notices this every time that go to the movies, but it’s
important to remember that not all sound tracks are created equal! Here explain what makes up a
good sound track and why should consider paying attention to the quality of music soundtrack.


Themanbhai is also taking interest in filmography. He used to like an actor, hero, and director of
a film. This list of filmographies should include a full description of the films, including genres,
actors, and directors. Many filmographies will include a chronological listing of the actor’s roles
within each film. Filmographies can also include a brief description of the films and the roles in
the filmography. To help keep track of all the movies you’ve seen, try keeping a log or journal in
which record thoughts and feelings about each movie and can use it to record information about a
movie that is watching or one have already seen.


❖ There was some confusion because Themanbhai seemingly contradicted himself when he
was in an interview for developing app, saying he was born in Pirmahal. Then he shifted
to Sahiwal.

❖ Although he was trying to become an artist. He joined many academies but could not
capable to learn about music.

❖ After many struggling, Afterall he became an artist and also created his own music gallery.

❖ Themanbhai has Lacs of followers within very short time and in his early age due to his

❖ He faced many problems during his career. Faced many criticisms, discreteness and
condemnation. But he pushed-up and got is goal that what he was wanted.

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