[Solved] Facebook: Something Went Wrong and We Couldn’t Load Your Posts


Social media usage has become a part of our lifestyle with an estimation that approximately there are 3.8 billion social media users in 2020. However, those of you who use social media regularly can relate to the problem of messages like Something went wrong and we couldn’t load your posts. please try again later. unknown errorappearing on your screen.

Usually, this is the message that many of you will have seen while logging to your Facebook page or loading a specific post but this message has also frequently appeared on the user’s screen while opening a certain page in a new tab even after logging in to their Facebook account.

It is not hard to relate how annoying this message can be when someone is in a hurry and try to load a page to get some useful information or your Facebook goes into a complete blackout when you upload or access a post.

This has happened with both who access through mobile phone apps as well as desktop computer users so the issue is not linked to any particular device.

This particular issue has appeared multiple times in the past as well, the message might be different every time. In 2015, when the issue happened, approximately 1.5 billion people were cut off from their social media platforms.

Again, when in 2018 this same issue transpired, the problem was reported by 22,583 users on Facebook and even worse a total shutdown was experienced by 43% of users of the social media platform.

The blackout was for approximately 7 minutes but the whole problem posed a scenario of a global connectivity pandemic.

On one side it shows how dependent we are on these platforms and the other side it justifies the availability of a contingency plan for technical glitches by the community of solution providers.

People want nothing less than an outstanding service by the makers of the platform. And why not? After all, the platform is so popular and big, and the issue affects a large number of people.

When this happened FacebookDown went viral on other social media platforms and when it came back a new hashtag of Facebook back 7 minutes of global pandemic was widely shared. The popular opinion was since the company is not financially impacted by these outages, they are not responsive to these problems happening over and over again.

While people were confused with what to do about the issue, and before suggestions to reset the Facebook page surfaced, there were some possible reasons and solutions shared by many tech-savvy people for this something went wrongproblem while the users were encouraged to let Facebook do their job.

Reloading the page

Sometimes the problem is not as serious as it seems to be so, the users were prompted to reload their profile pages and see if the issue gets resolved.

Deleting the Data in The Cache and Cookies in The Browser

The cache and cookies help to easily and quickly load the similar web pages when opening again and make the experience smoother but, if they are corrupted, they can also prevent the web page from loading. A similar problem might have happened with Facebook causing “Something went wrong and we couldn’t load your posts. please try again later. unknown error” problem with Facebook.

Removing the Faulty Extensions from The Browser

Some faulty extensions can cause a similar anomaly, to verify that try opening the Facebook page in a private mode of the browser. If the page is working fine in the private mode, try removing the problematic extensions particularly those related to Facebook. The features that are working in the background can cause the webpage to act strangely.

An Unknown Error Occurred

In case you see the message as “an unknown error” occurred make sure you have provided all the permission at the time when you were connecting with your particular Facebook page. This is due to the reason that Facebook token needs permission to post the content on the site, if it does not have enough permissions granted it may fail to load the published posts.

Facebook Issues Section

The users were also encouraged to visit the Facebook Issue section and check what possibly could have caused these issues. This Facebook section has listed some queries for various quick-fix issues faced by the users.

Generally, the unknown error message is an internal issue that gets resolved automatically. However, as people want their experience uninterrupted and bug-free they always want to resolve these issues as quickly as possible or even better never even happen again.

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