‘Westworld’ Creators Break Down Warworld in Behind-the-Scenes Video


A new Westworld driving-the-scenes movie delivers some insight into the building of Year 3 Episode two, titled “The Winter season Line.” This episode is notable in that it reveals an fully new park that we haven’t observed right before: Warworld.
In the driving-the-scenes online video, creators/showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Pleasure chat about bringing Warworld to daily life, and the inspiration at the rear of this all-new park. In truth, Nolan notes that “right around the identical time that Westerns were currently being manufactured, you experienced the traditional war movies.” So it would make sense that the 1940s-set Warworld would pair properly with Westworld.
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Director Richard J. Lewis reveals that Warworld is set in war-torn Italy about the 12 months 1943, and it’s below exactly where we choose up with Maeve (Thandie Newton) for the initial time in Year three. Or so we consider. We find out afterwards in the episode that Maeve is essentially in a simulation, but that doesn’t mean Warworld is not genuine. Nolan and Joy talk about bringing the new park to lifestyle, and how they went to Spain to shoot the exterior sequences in Warworld simply because it matched the time body and environment of the park.
Somewhere else in this “Inside the Episode” piece, Nolan and Joy also chat about that cameo from Recreation of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, and driving-the-scenes footage demonstrates the duo hanging out on set. In fact, Pleasure essentially reveals that Game of Thrones writer George R.R. Martin has been pushing for an official crossover concerning Westworld and Game of Thrones for years, so this is their little nod to their fellow HBO collection.
We know that Delos’ park is manufactured up of six parks in total, and this episode uncovered two more, which leaves a person mystery park remaining. There is Westworld, Warworld, Shogunworld, The Raj, and the fantasy globe that is even now unnamed but is definitely Westerosworld suitable? Nolan teased in an interview that Park six will be revealed afterwards this time, so place your bets now.
Check out out the deep-dive into “The Wintertime Line” below and simply click here to read my comprehensive recap of the episode.

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