What are the benefits of DevOps course?


The Information Technology industry is always developing and evolving. DevOps is the latest development in this industry that revolutionized the industry to the core. This advancement has allowed a significant enhancement in the productivity of the organizations, quality of products, and ensured continuous delivery. This is crucial for companies like Netflix where downtime of even two hours can cause a loss of millions. Therefore, a lot of organizations are shifting to DevOps, significantly enhancing employment opportunities. 

What is DevOps?

Traditionally, software development and operations teams have worked separately. This has a lot of drawbacks like delaying the software deployment, creating an imbalance between new software that needs to be developed and old software that needs bug-fixing which in turn delayed the product delivery and decreased productivity.

DevOps online training clears out all these drawbacks of traditional methods by introducing the concept of the collaboration of software development and operations teams. In addition to that, DevOps introduces automation of repeated tasks, similar configurations of production and deployment environment to decrease errors and shorten the software development life cycle. Therefore, DevOps enhances productivity, product quality, and ensures continuous product delivery. 

What are the benefits of a DevOps course?

DevOps has evolved to be a very lucrative field and is bustling with employment opportunities. Many companies are shifting towards DevOps and this shift towards DevOps has provided a golden opportunity for people seeking employment. Therefore, the present is the ideal time to learn and develop essential skills. Some of the advantages of learning DevOps are described below:

  • Higher chances of employment: DevOps has significantly revolutionized the IT industry and the predictions depict a dramatic shift towards DevOps in the coming years, along with the incorporation of other departments like security, automation, etc. A number of business giants like Netflix, Etsy, Target, etc. have already adopted DevOps in their business practices to assure continuous delivery, increased productivity, and customer satisfaction. This huge shift towards DevOps has generated plenty of employment opportunities in the IT industry. In addition to that, there are a variety of job titles that are essential to a DevOps organization, which further increases the chances of employment in this field.
  • Well-developed skillset: working in a DevOps organization requires a very well-developed skill set combined with an in-depth knowledge of various essential concepts. Therefore, enrolling in a DevOps course allows one to develop the right skills and be proficient in their knowledge of important concepts. In addition to that, DevOps allows the decision making and thought-process of an individual to develop significantly. The DevOps team is a group of multidisciplinary professionals which allows every individual to learn and evolve. Therefore, DevOps is ideal for anyone passionate and curious about learning. 
  • Increased salary: The ever-increasing number of organizations switching to DevOps and the use of DevOps by big business giants has allowed DevOps professionals to be one of the most highly paid jobs in the IT industry. This lucrative nature of DevOps is expected to be consistent in the near future all over the world. 
  • Innovative field: DevOps wipes out the need to do repeated mundane tasks by focusing on their automation and allows room for the development of new and innovative ideas. Thus, DevOps is different from traditional jobs which are often considered boring and even frustrating due to the excessive workload and repeated nature of work in them. DevOps on the other hand provides the freedom to have a creative outlook, observe market demands and trends, and incorporate essential changes and innovations accordingly.
  • Increased productivity: DevOps allows the employees to focus more on fixing the bugs, incorporating changes that fit market needs, and enhance the overall productivity. Hence, DevOps allows the employees to unlock their creative potential and enhance productivity.
  • Increased collaboration and sense of teamwork: Due to the differences in production and development environments in traditional working methods, a very high number of bugs are detected by the operations team in the software developed by the software development team. This leads to a lot of friction and disagreements between both teams. Since the production and development environments are identical in DevOps and both the operations and software development team work together, bug fixes become a lot easier and there is increased collaboration and a sense of teamwork.


The number of companies shifting towards DevOps is increasing constantly. The high number of companies shifting towards DevOps and the different job titles, has allowed a plethora of opportunities to develop in this field. Well paying job opportunities have allowed DevOps to be a very good career choice. Hence, the present is the ideal time to benefit from the various online courses and learn DevOps to increase the chances of employment. You might be interested in the top 10 trending technologies in 2021.

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